It’s like having your own design team

Imagine having a brand that always looks sharp and credible, no matter whether you advertise online, send out flyers or give a presentation. Great design transforms how people feel about your business and it makes them believe in you.

Francesca transformed an old ruin
into Villa Vinessa

Francesca is the life of Villa Vinessa and she makes all of her guests feel welcomed. This is part of the experience and the visual identity sums it all up in one image.

Oliver's customers respect the business
he has built from the ground up

All the hard work and the long hours that Oliver put into earning his customers trust, is embodied in his visual identity. His brand means something and he can rest assured that it always looks good no matter where he is.

Sometimes it’s all about being cute

The cute logo and neat labels transform Stefan's passion for handmade ceramics into a brand. The care he puts into shaping his ideas using clay, is complemented by little branding details that make a difference.

Zap didn't just build an app:
they built a story that got them traction

The Singapore based startup hired us to develop a catchy brand with attractive visuals that make them stand out. They showed investors that they understand how to turn users into fans.