Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I be sure of the quality of my design?

We have a number of quality control mechanisms to ensure you will receive the quality design you hope for.

Experienced staff
To start with, we only use in-house designers with a proven track record who work for us full time. Every design gets reviewed by our art director and the client service agent assigned to your project. All agents have a marketing background.

Good communication
Our system is designed to support communication with you. The design briefs are easy to fill out but they also guide you to give us the information we need. And even if you’re unsure about something, our support team is here for you.

A great feedback process
The client area also features our feedback tool, which you can use to request the refinement of the design. The tool is created based on many years of experience in working with customers and it actively supports the design process.

The right incentives
Two systems ensure each member of the team is incentivized to give their best for every project. Firstly, you can rate your satisfaction with each design in your client area and the design team is rewarded a bonus based on the feedback you give. Secondly, we submit designs to professional reviewers regularly and the result influences our teams’ pay.

2. How much time will it take for my designs to be finished?

Each design project has two parts: the initial design and the refinement stage.

Generally it takes up to 3 working days for us to get back to you with the initial design once we have the full brief from you. For some products it lasts longer, please check the respective design package page.

The duration of the refinement stage depends on when you give feedback and what type of feedback you give. Once we have your feedback, we will prioritize your project over new orders. Generally one revision round takes about one or two business days, but it can take longer if there are many changes requested. Once you have approved a design, we will upload the final files to your client area within hours.

If you are in a hurry and you need your designs sooner, contact support and we will do our best to meet your deadline. If you would like a guarantee for early delivery, you may be required to pay a premium.

3. What happens if I want a design modified?

Most design projects do require some changes to the initial design for the client to be happy with the final result. That’s why we have included at least one round of free revisions in every design package. Some packages include more rounds; please consult each design package page to see information on the number of revisions offered.

If you would like more revisions than are included in the package, you can purchase more. Please consult the pricelist for additional services.

We have designed the packages based on our experience in such a way that the majority of clients don’t need additional rounds of changes. However, this is based on statistics and there are always outliers.

Please take into account that you might need more revisions, particularly if:

  • You are unclear about what you expect from the design
  • You don’t have the final content for the design (such as texts)
  • You know exactly what you want but you’re not sure you can explain it from the start

Please note that any correction of the design once you have exhausted your revisions will require extra effort from us and is not included in the package. This includes the likes of spelling mistakes.

However, our business model is not based on making a profit from revisions, simply because they are so difficult to work into the daily work schedule that it’s not worth it. Not to mention the client service inefficiency of handling these requests. In fact, our designers get a bonus when there are no changes to motivate them to always give their best to each project.

This means that if your change is minor, such as a tiny spelling mistake, we will do our best to make it fair to you. Depending on our availability we might make it for free. We will always strive to be flexible and adapt the amount we charge to the actual work.

4. Can I change my mind and cancel a design? What about refunds?

If you want to cancel your order please contact support.

If you have not submitted the design brief yet, you are entitled to a full refund, no questions asked, minus a processing fee.

If you have submitted the design brief, we offer a discretionary refund of up to 50% minus a processing fee of £25, depending on how far along we are in the project and on reason of cancellation. Generally, we don’t offer refunds once we have presented the designs to you.

5. Do I have ownership of the final design?

Custom design is creative work so you should be worried about intellectual property.

Once a project is completed, we transfer all intellectual property to you so that you can use your designs any way you like. We do retain the rights over “work product”, such as design variations you have not approved or accepted in your client area.

With every project you receive a certificate by which we renounce all intellectual property in your favour. Upon request we can send you (for free) a certificate by which we renounce all intellectual property in your favour. You can use this to apply for trademarks, but please note we cannot guarantee you will be awarded a trademark for any design. While we create all designs anew for each project and we don’t send the same design to different clients, there are so many designs in the world and trademark laws are so complex that we can’t guarantee the success of any trademark application.

6. Will I be able to edit the designs later on my own? What file formats do you supply?

We use professional software to create the designs, we’re not playing around. Each design package comes with specific formats the design will be delivered in. Please consult the design package page for details.

Most designs are delivered in formats such as JPG, PNG and PDF, which normally cannot be edited. For a small fee, we can supply the original editable file upon request. Please note that this will always be a specialized format such as .AI, .PSD or others that require professional software.

We understand that you may want to be able to edit some designs yourself, so we do offer the option of a more common file type if you so request (for example Microsoft Word documents for letterheads). However, these formats impose limitations to the design they support. For this reason, we never design in these formats by default and we have to recreate the design in the end user format if you require it. This has two implications for you: 1) the premium for this format will be higher than the one for the professional version; 2) due to software limitations, we might not be able to produce an exact copy of the professional design in the end user format.

7. I do not know all the technical specifications for my design yet. What should I do?

Each design package page lists the specifications of the design, such as size, formats supplied and the like. These fit what most people need, but if you are unsure, contact support and we’ll answer all of your questions.

8. I don’t see my type of project listed. Do you have any other products?

If you need a format for a design that we have not listed, or if you need a specific design product we don’t feature in the shop, contact us and we’ll put together a custom quote for you.

You will receive a link for the quote, which you can review, and if you like it you can continue to checkout and payment online just like with any of the standard packages. You will also be able to monitor the progress for custom projects and provide feedback just as with the standard design packages.

9. What will I write in the design brief?

The design brief is an interactive tool that guides you through describing what you want us to design and how.

Questions usually address the contents of the item to be designed, the style you prefer and the goals for the material. Each design product has a different brief adapted to it.

The brief also includes guidance on how to best fill it out. Additionally, you can get more recommendations on how to provide us with a good brief in our blog, and our support team is always happy to help with any specific questions you might have.

10. I already have a design that I want to change. Can that be a starting point?

Yes, of course. If you have a design you like and you own the rights to it (i.e. from a previous designer you have worked with), but you only want changes to it, we can help you. Simply ask our support team for a custom quote.

Please note, if you don’t have the editable source files we may need to recreate the design from scratch and the price may be comparable to the one for a completely new design.

11. How do I order a design?

Simply choose a design package, customize the format you require, add it to your cart and continue to checkout. Once you have placed the order, you are taken to your client account where you can fill in the brief for the project and then we’re good to go!

12. What payment methods can I use?

You can pay online with your credit or debit card. For orders of more than £500 you can also pay by bank transfer. If you wish to do so please contact our support team.

13. Will I be able to print the designs you create?

If you order a design for a printable item, such as flyers, business cards, etc. you will always receive a print ready file from us once you approve the design. Most professional printers will be able to use this file as it is.

We also supply you with JPG files for all designs, which you can print using your desktop printer. However, desktop printers will rarely have the type of print quality you need to produce professional and credible promotional materials, so we strongly suggest you to use a professional printer.

Some printers will need a different format, especially if they use old machines or if you need special processing for the printed items, such as die cutting or special dies. We can provide these formats, but if extra work is required we will bill it at our standard hourly rate. If you have a preferred printer, please send us their artwork template when you fill in the brief.

14. What is included in the design packages?

We have configured the design packages based on our experience in such a way that they fulfil the needs of the majority of clients. All design packages include the initial design based on your brief, at least one round of revisions (some have more), client service and project management, the final standard files at the end of the design process and all the intellectual property rights for you to freely use the design.

If your needs deviate from the standard, you can purchase additional services such as extra rounds of revisions, extra file formats, stock images and others. Please consult our price list for additional services.