Visual identity and label design for Oves Valachorum

Oves Valachorum is a premium cheese brand, sold in selected shops in Britain and Germany. The cheese is produced from sheep living in traditional farms in the Carpathian Mountains at altitudes of 1.100 m. The branding of this cheese had to live up to the refined taste of the product.

Oves Valachorum ordered a new business package and two label designs for yoghurt and cheese packaging. The total cost for their full branding project was £223 plus VAT.

Client: Oves Valachorum
Services: Logo design, business card design, letterhead design, packaging labels, Facebook cover, Google+ cover and email signature
Design Delivery price: £223

The logo design

We have designed a logo with a young looking sheep framed in a retro emblem. A graphic designer in our team created the drawing after several sketches. To keep a coherent design, only one colour was used. The typography is classic and authoritative.

Logo sketch and evolution

Evolution of the logo from sketches to the final retouch

As a full new business package had been ordered, we were able to think ahead and also consider how other promotional materials will be designed. We proposed simple design elements for their identity and provided a styleguide with specific instructions on how these elements should be used: whenever possible, anything that is branded with Oves Valachorum must feature elements that relate to the natural life in the countryside as well as elements that emphasize the pure and premium quality of the product.

Sheep logo design

The final logo design

Our client chose the first proposal as their final logo. Based on the approved logo design, we created the design for the complete visual identity of the brand.

Stationery and social media design

The new business package includes design for business cards, a letterhead and the essential designs for an online identity: Facebook and Google Plus covers and an email signature. Basically, everything a retail brand needs to trade with business partners and to engage with the end consumer online.

letterhead design and business cards

The business cards and letterhead design suits the visual identity of the brand

The letterhead design is minimal, showing the logo to the left and a line with key contact information. The bottom only features a line to give the composition balance and closure. The business cards have a textured background printed on 350gsm stock. The contact details are shown on a clean and simple white background. This makes the text easy to read and it hints to the pure quality of the product.

The cheese label design

A round label was used for the packaging of the cheese. The product is sold in bulk to shops who then weigh and sell pieces in various sizes, depending on consumer preferences. The cheese is then packaged in paper and a sticky label is applied to it. Here again we have used minimalism and the core style of the brand identity: the paper is white, clean and smooth, while the label design has the aspects of the natural, countryside environment where the cheese comes from.

Cheese label and yoghurt packaging design

Label designs for cheese packaging and yoghurt bottle

The yoghurt label design

The label design for the yoghurt bottle is consistent with all the other designs for the Oves Valachorum brand. The logo stands out against the white content of the bottle. Nutritional information and other details are set in a clean and classic typeface.

Lovable design for your brand

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