When and how to use an eBook cover mockup

As a British design agency we have a number of eBook cover design orders each month and a question we often get asked is: what is an eBook cover mockup? Here are the basics you should know about eBook cover mockups and how to promote your eBook using a design mockup.

What is an eBook cover mockup?

EBook mockups are very different from general design mockups.

In design, mockups are used to show how a specific product would look like in a real-life setting, before it is printed or produced. For example, before printing a set of business cards, one may produce a business card design mock-up to get a realistic idea of what the actual finished cards would look like.


business card and ipad mockups

Business card design mockup and iPad eBook mockup

An eBook cover mockup is not used to show how the eBook will look like when printed, because, well, it is an eBook. The eBook mock-up shows the eBook cover either the way it would look like as a real book or magazine, or how it would look like on a digital device.

When to use an eBook cover mockup

The eBook mockup is used as a promotional image of the eBook, because people do like the idea of a physical object, even when they are ordering a digital one. It’s just like with software packaging – who needs a box? Every marketer knows that the boxes will sell more, because consumers relate more to boxes than to virtual products.

Additionally, images sell better than text, which is why you’ll want to show an image of your eBook cover when promoting it. While you could use just the simple eBook cover, it does look weird when it doesn’t have any frames and it is just pasted onto a webpage. People may not understand it’s a book at a first glance.


ipad mockup vs no ebook mockup

iPad mockup of eBook cover compared to the simple cover image

So, if you want to promote your eBook anywhere on the web, a mockup is likely to improve sales.

Types of eBook cover mockups

One can use various types of mockups to promote an eBook. Which one is best depends on the type of eBook you have produced. Examples include eBook cover mockups based on a book, magazine or a virtual device. A short eBook of 20 pages would be misleading if applied to a book mock-up, while the cover of a 200 page eBook applied to a magazine would be just as misleading.


Ipad mockup of ebook cover

iPad mockup of eBook cover

book mockup for ebook cover design

Book mockup of Sonographer Society eBook

ebook cover design mockup - magazine

Magazine mockup of eBook cover

Ebook cover mockup prices

As part of our design services, we offer eBook cover mockups as an extra-option for our eBook cover design services. The standard cost is £3 plus VAT for the mockup, regardless of the type of mockup. If you require several mockups of the same cover or if you’d like other custom mockup design services for your eBook, talk to us on our live chat or just email us.