Top 10 Google+ Communities for UK startups [Infographic]

Is your new venture on Google Plus? Check out the most active communities where entrepreneurs and small business owners from the UK share advice and resources. The most active are not necessarily the ones with the biggest members count. An active community is one where members engage in discussion. These are the ones you’ll want to join.

Small Business UK

Created by +Simply Business, this is a great community for small businesses and startups with tons of guides, tips and articles to help you along the way. Member count: 2,393

Small Business Marketing UK

You’ll find a growing community about marketing techniques and a good place to discuss topics such as social media, useful articles or even find interesting opportunities for your business. Member count: 1,727

UK Small Business

All UK small businesses are welcomed to this community created by Ingenious Britain do some networking, ask for advice or simply discuss with other fellow entrepreneurs. Member count: 1,571

Startup London

One of the greatest communities for UK startups. The discussion streams are full of advice, guides and tips for entrepreneurs. Member count: 1,412

Business Start Up UK

This growing community focuses on startups most of all and offers great support and useful advice for anyone willing to start their own business. Member count: 714

Startup Weekend

This community will help and support any entrepreneur grow his startup company with tips, suggestions and advice from other successful entrepreneurs. Member count: 658

London Startups

Interact with other entrepreneurs by joining this community full of knowledge about startups and noteworthy events based in London and around UK. Requests to join need to be approved by a moderator. Member count: 510

Business Finance Community UK

This is one of the few communities based on financial guiding for startups and small to medium businesses. Join and get your priorities in order. Member count: 502

UK Business Circles

New networking community with a lot of good tips for your startup. Requests to join need to be approved by a moderator. Member count: 215

UK Business Advice

Although a small community, this is a great place for finding business related advice. Member count: 154

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Top Google plus communities UK startups