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Logo Design for Gambling Website

The world of gambling is a mysterious one for those of us who don’t have anything to do with it. For those of us who are interested though, it is very important that they know how to select from their choices of gambling websites.

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Logo Design for Island’s Website

The Fuerteventura Island’s website needed a new logo, which is where we helped them.

Our client asked us to design a variety of possible logos for their website using elements such as the sun and palm leafs and trees.

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Logo Design for Website

Health is and has always been one of the main concerns of society. Today, with medicine developing so fast it is hard to choose between doctors.

That is why websites such as exist. They are meant to help you choose the doctor you like the best and who suits your tastes.

We created a new logo for this website to help it gain more popularity and credibility.

The design is very simple and self-explanatory. We selected an element which suggests what the company’s domain is.

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Logo Design for Circle Cloud – Case Study

As an IT company owner you surely know what makes your company different from the others. People should know what that is! What they always remember and relate to are beautiful images, not words that make no sense to them. So why not get a logo to express your greatness?

Based on a couple of ideas and suggestions from our clients, we created a new logo for Circle Cloud. The logo must relate to the company and be eye catching so that the audience remembers it.

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Logo Design for office website

We have created quite a lot of logo designs, for beauty salons, recruitment companies, and even a dentist. However, we also have requests from websites to help them develop an outstanding visual identity.

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Logo and sticker design case study: 451 Unavailable website

Website logo design is a cool website about internet censorship, a project created by the Open Rights Group. Go check it out. We designed the logo, some of the website graphics and a sticker.

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