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Logo Design for Gambling Website

The world of gambling is a mysterious one for those of us who don’t have anything to do with it. For those of us who are interested though, it is very important that they know how to select from their choices of gambling websites.

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Logo Design for Tuning Blog

We created a tuning logo for a blog concerning cars and tuning. We created 4 different designs for the blog logo and sent them to our client.

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Logo Design for Horse and Owner

We have created various logos for unusual projects in the past such as a cheese brand, car parts, allergy clinics, research projects, events and even navy ships. This time we worked on a logo for a horse and its owner.

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Logo Design for Island’s Website

The Fuerteventura Island’s website needed a new logo, which is where we helped them.

Our client asked us to design a variety of possible logos for their website using elements such as the sun and palm leafs and trees.

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Logo Design for Website

Health is and has always been one of the main concerns of society. Today, with medicine developing so fast it is hard to choose between doctors.

That is why websites such as doktoren.info exist. They are meant to help you choose the doctor you like the best and who suits your tastes.

We created a new logo for this website to help it gain more popularity and credibility.

The design is very simple and self-explanatory. We selected an element which suggests what the company’s domain is.

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Logo Design for a Beauty Clinic

Feeling beautiful is a common need, and choosing whether or not to come into your salon depends on the image that represents that certain salon.

And here is where we intervene. We create beauty salon logos which meet the expectations of both the owners and their clients. Such a design is the one for the Sidonia Beauty Salon.

Another beauty salon that contacted us is The Beauty Clinic, and here is how we created their logo!

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Logo design for personal trainer

The number of personal trainers has increased and therefore being able to stand out is not easy. Most of all, people do not know how to differentiate them. A branding process is vital for them, so people can remember and recommend them.

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Creating a logo design for the hotel business

The trends in the past 10 years changed the perspective on both management and marketing in the hospitality industry. Therefore, the demands of a brand hotel are more pretentious. A logo design for a hotel must be even more special than 10 years ago.

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Logo Design for office website

We have created quite a lot of logo designs, for beauty salons, recruitment companies, and even a dentist. However, we also have requests from websites to help them develop an outstanding visual identity.

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Logo Design for insurance website

We have collaborated multiple times with websites that needed a logo design. We created visual identities for the 451 Unavailable or online shop websites. Thus, we know our clients need an authentic logo, that people can easily recall out of thousands of other logos from the internet.

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