Logo Design for a Beauty Clinic

Feeling beautiful is a common need, and choosing whether or not to come into your salon depends on the image that represents that certain salon.

And here is where we intervene. We create beauty salon logos which meet the expectations of both the owners and their clients. Such a design is the one for the Sidonia Beauty Salon.

Another beauty salon that contacted us is The Beauty Clinic, and here is how we created their logo!

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Logo design for personal trainer

The number of personal trainers has increased and therefore being able to stand out is not easy. Most of all, people do not know how to differentiate them. A branding process is vital for them, so people can remember and recommend them.

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Folder design for retailers

This is a well-known and powerful non-profit organisation drew upon our services in order to design a folder. An important player in the Swiss market since 1968, they are the top employer of people with disabilities, offering training and residential places.

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Upsell flyer design

Our Client

The Nr. 1 clinic devoted to babies located on the historical Harley Street, BABYSCAN CLINIC hired us to create their new flyer design. BABYSCAN CLINIC offers innovative and ultrasound services for new parents and their babies.

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Namebadge design examples

You walk around the office and you spot the new employee. You want to tell him something, but you can’t remember his name. Your brain cringes trying to figure it out John… or was it Jack? Jonathan! No, too long… Johanna! But he’s a male! You can see how his eyes turn sad. You pass by him and boom! Your fame as the arrogant, up-tight boss unleashes.

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A photographer’s business card design

Our client

We had the opportunity to create a business card for a German photographer. When it comes to the creative science of photography, the business card is an invitation to the world of the artist.

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Logo Design for office website

We have created quite a lot of logo designs, for beauty salons, recruitment companies, and even a dentist. However, we also have requests from websites to help them develop an outstanding visual identity.

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The 10 Criteria Your Logo Must Meet

10 logo tests

We have worked on countless design projects of all types, and we often have to deal with faulty logos that our clients brought to us from other designers. It pains me to hear how much money they spent on those logo designs. It pains me even more how much it costs them to replace the new company logo on identity visuals such as business cards, signage, website and online profiles.

We share here our list of 10 technical criteria every logo must meet, because you deserve an objectively good logo right from the start.

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Business card design: Keep It Simple and Great

Every entrepreneur understands the importance of a good business card, one that clients will look forward to keep and use when in need. For that, it has to have an eye-catching design. However, it needs to be simple enough that it doesn’t overwhelm its reader. So, where do you find these brilliant business card designs? You don’t. You create them from scratch so that every aspect of it reflects your unique brand. Here are the most important factors we discuss with our clients when designing a business card.

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Form design example – healthcare industry

The Ultrasound Clinic of Harley Street welcomes hundreds of patients each year. All of them undergo a similar procedure which requires them to start by filling out a registration form. The Ultrasound Clinic is all about making the scan experience as pleasant as possible, so they have asked us to design a registration form that feels friendly and warm, rather than dull and unwelcoming.

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