Stationery design example for UK consulting company

We have created the stationery for a UK consulting company as part of their branding project. The project also included other business designs, such as PowerPoint presentation design, invoice design and desktop wallpaper design.

Client: Trademore, UK consulting company
Services: business card design, letterhead, email signature, envelope design
Design Delivery price: £180

The client supplied the logo and gave us some indication of the preferred design style.

Business card design

We first created the business card design, using the company branding. We have used a readable font and the logo colours to give the business card a distinct personality. We divided the great amount of information with a separator line in the brand colours, managing to keep it.

Business card design

Mockup of the business card design for the consulting company

Email signature design

The email signature design is similar to the business cards design, but it has a different way of structuring the information. A two column layout makes it more readable and it looks better in the standard inbox format. The email signature works both as an SVG format and as a PNG.

Email signature design SVG and PNG

The email signature design, as displayed on Gmail

Letterhead design

The Trademore letterhead design is much simpler than the rest of the stationery as it features less information. We have used design elements sparingly to give a sense of distinction, but there are small details that relate to the branding of the company, such as the arrows.

Custom letterhead design

Simple letterhead design, in the branding colours

Envelope design

The company envelope stands out with the simple but effective design. The logo is shown on both sides. The side with the recipient address has a minimalist design, while the other side makes a powerful impression with the bold colour block.

Custom envelope design

A powerful brand needs coherence
It’s important that all communication vectors are branded with the company image. For Trademore we have also designed presentation slides, their invoice and a desktop wallpaper. To get more branding ideas for your business, browse our design services.