PowerPoint Presentation Design for Trademore

Trademore ordered a Powerpoint presentation design along with other projects like invoice design, stationery and desktop wallpaper design. The presentation design included a design for the cover slide and a template design for the content slides.

Client: Trademore
Services: PowerPoint presentation design
Design Delivery price: £30

The PowerPoint design

For the cover slide, we used a background with a pattern that follows their branding styleguide and an ascending graph line.

First proposal of the cover slide design

The first design proposal of the cover slide

For the content slides, we have created a flexible template that can be used with different types of text content, images and charts. It also discreetly shows the page number and the logo. The layout uses Trademore’s colours and style.

Template design for PowerPoint content slides

Template design proposal for the content slides

The presentation design review

After reviewing the design, the client requested a number of changes. They wanted the cover pattern to stand out more and they asked to remove the title bar at the bottom.

Side design for presentation cover

Slide design for powerpoint presentation

Final slide design for the cover of the presentation

For the content slides, they decided to use a simpler content slide with text only, without images or graphs. We have made the changes accordingly and the revised design was approved.

template design for powerpoint content slides

Revised template design for the content slides

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