A photographer’s business card design

Our client

We had the opportunity to create a business card for a German photographer. When it comes to the creative science of photography, the business card is an invitation to the world of the artist.

Client: Lichtbild, photography
Services: Business card design, networking
Design Delivery price: £28

Client’s Design Brief

In the design brief, clients are free to state their own ideas. The brief is a reference for both the client and the designer since important issues are considered in order to ensure that the finite product suits the taste of the client.

In this case, the client wanted a business card that suits his attitude towards photography. He wanted a business card that shows his inclination towards discovering new photo techniques. At the same time, the business card should point out his passion towards photography.

Business Card

We discussed in another case study the importance of presenting the photographer as an artist. Before testing his skills, clients experience the identity of the photographer- website, logo or business card.

In general, business cards are the most important requisite for networking. It gives you the legitimacy to present yourself in front of potential clients while making a statement about you.

At first sight, a business card appears to be a piece of material with your contact details on it. However, that piece of material can influence how other people perceive you. Think of it as the clone you send instead of you; you do not want it to be a dummy, right?

Whether you go to a designer or take this upon yourself, your business card must follow some guidelines. Depending on your budget, you can add distinction to your business card using different printing techniques.

Design Concept

Based on our client’s design brief, the concept ought to incorporate both the technological aspect of photography and the artistic aspect of it.

Therefore, we chose a neutral aspect that would express the technical part of taking a photo. For the presentation of the business card, we chose a metallic grey background. Additionally, the decorative graphic adds a sublime touch to the neutral frame.

The font was used as a tool to show the artistic aspect of taking a photo. Using the same style as for the logo design, the business card carries into the outside world the signature of the photographer.


Once again, simplicity plays a key role in the design of a business card. The name of the company was written in a serif font with an italic feature. It nuances the artistic air without falling into the bohemian image.

It is important to choose a font that is readable regardless of the colours used. Above the name of the company, the type of service is written in a simple font that is kept in the name of the photographer and the contact details. In this way, the business card looks aesthetically through symmetry and elegant through the simple details.


For the design of the business card, we chose three main colours: black, yellow and white.

In the upper section of the business card, we created contrast by using the white and yellow colours for the text and metallic grey for the background.

By colouring one text in two different colours as a continuum, you can add dynamism to the whole design.

In the below section, the colours are shifted without ruining the contrast. Yellow is used for the background and black for the text.

Besides a crispy contrast, the choice of colours and fonts helps to achieve a high degree of readability. No matter how beautiful the design of the business card is, if you cannot read the text it turns into an expensive failure.

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