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Logo design and stationery for an allergy clinic

Healthcare companies are aware of the fact that credibility, loyalty and reliability are key factors that one has to keep in mind in order to be successful in this industry. That makes it indispensable for new companies to make the effort of building the solid foundation of a strong visual identity.

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Logo design for car accessories company

This is not the first time a car accessories company asks for our help regarding a logo design, we created one for a car parts company. It is important for us to know the industry well enough to understand their what they focus on in matters of logo designs. The research we conducted back then helps us now.

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A photographer logo design that tells a story

Often designers approach the mission of creating a logo design for photographers the wrong way. They use the tools of the immediate field and create a logo shaped like a camera, film roll or a lens.

This creates difficulties when it comes to discerning the brand from the competition. Unless it is a distinctive logo, the photographer does not stand out and his name gets lost among the rows of artists.

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Custom logo design for consulting company


“I am very happy with the design; it captures what we’re all about.” Dan, Nexus Consulting

Our client is a consulting company specialized in Eastern European markets. They recently formed the company. The company advises US companies regarding the best strategy on how to enter Eastern European markets.

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Logo design for electrical company

Our client is a company from the electrical domain, providing products such as panels, transformers and grids. They wanted to redefine their image and give it a more professional look. They wanted the logo to express the utility of energy in improving people’s life.

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26 practical tips on business naming – The Ultimate List

Congratulations on your business idea and welcome to the frustrating moment of business naming. While we do not offer naming services, we have named a few businesses in our lives and we know just how difficult it can be.

The present line of work already took most great business names, not to mention the domains and to make it even worse: there is no clear methodology on how to do it. Unfortunately, the internet does not offer many practical tips on how to name your business.

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The 10 Criteria Your Logo Must Meet

10 logo tests

We have worked on countless design projects of all types, and we often have to deal with faulty logos that our clients brought to us from other designers. It pains me to hear how much money they spent on those logo designs. It pains me even more how much it costs them to replace the new company logo on identity visuals such as business cards, signage, website and online profiles.

We share here our list of 10 technical criteria every logo must meet, because you deserve an objectively good logo right from the start.

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Logo Design for recruitment Company

Mindoff is a recruitment company that helps clients find and develop their top management talent. The recruitment company is a startup, formed around the concept that a consultant should help their client take their mind off a particular issue – finding and selecting talent. They have tried a number of design freelancers, but they were not happy with the results so they hired us to design their logo.

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Invoice Design example for consulting company

The invoice design for this consulting company is part of a larger order where we have designed a desktop wallpaper, stationery and a presentation as well. The client requested an editable file format for the invoice design, so that they can use the design in Microsoft Word.

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Stationery design example for UK consulting company

We have created the stationery for a UK consulting company as part of their branding project. The project also included other business designs, such as PowerPoint presentation design, invoice design and desktop wallpaper design.

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