Online Marketing in the UK Restaurant Business [Infographic]

Here are some key data you need to know to promote your restaurant in the UK:

People will search your restaurant on mobile device, a trend growing so steep that you just can’t afford not to have a mobile-friendly website anymore. Restaurant talk is spreading on Twitter and Instagram is fed with billions of food photos. Hint: get talking on social media.

In 2013, as much as 50% of restaurant searches on Google (and partners) were from a mobile device. We can’t explain the strange drop in mobile searches around september 2013, but it’s unlikely that the usage of mobile devices to search for restaurants has decreased. The conjuncture of the iPhone 5s launch and the release of iOS7┬áin september last year might explain this drop. App downloads have skyrocketed during that time, so it’s possible that many mobile users switched to an app for finding local places to eat.

Infographic UK restaurants 2014

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