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We have created quite a lot of logo designs, for beauty salons, recruitment companies, and even a dentist. However, we also have requests from websites to help them develop an outstanding visual identity.

Client: 0800, website
Services: Logo design branding
Design Delivery price: £117

The website we have been commissioned to design a logo for is called 0800 Office. The service is based on the phone number and the portal offers complete office solutions for companies. Next, we are going to show you the strategies we used when we created their website logo.

The brief for the website logo design

To us, it is important to know what the client wants, so we can live up to their expectations. Our customer described that they needed a logo which works well on the web. The design had to be minimalistic and iconic. We were free to choose the colours, as long as they stand for joy and optimism. One more important aspect that the client wanted us to know is that the website would in the future target an international audience. Therefore, we needed to pay attention to the symbols we used, so everyone could understand the same thing. The logo had to be universal.

The logo design concept

Sometimes, when we need to redesign an existing logo, like we did for this website, we simply establish what there is to update – whether it’s the colours, the typography or change some variations. This time, we have the freedom to create a unique design that will be easy to identify yourself with as a customer. Especially for the web, where people are overwhelmed with ads and different kind of logos, it is important to create one that truly represents the services you offer, so customers can memorize it and use it as a reminder of the company, product or website.

For this website logo, we built the entire concept on three distinctive pillars:

1. The number 0800 and the word office – there is no need to explain that the name of the website needs to be the base of the logo, but next we are going to show just how important details are.

2. The pin symbol – our client expressed a preference regarding a universal symbol. We decided to use the symbol of a pin to refer to an office environment. The idea of pinpointing what you look for works well and is also something their customers will easily understand.

3. Choosing the right colours – another aspect, often forgotten by many, is the impact of the colours one chooses to represent the brand. In this case, we need to make the impression of a bright, dynamic, and full of life logo.

web office

The logo design

One of the primary aspects to consider when creating a logo design is to keep it simple. Trying to add too many details and make it sophisticated will only ruin the effectiveness of the logo. Even successful logos that have been created long ago are going for a simplified version to be more easily recognized. We have detailed this aspect in our Top 10 criteria your logo must meet article.

Thus, we followed the simplicity rule and created a logo that goes with different sizes. The central elements in the design are the pin and the 0800 number, which makes it easy to recognize the brand. We added the word office, which appears slim next to the iconic elements and has a minimalistic touch. Together, they form a distinctive figure that you can “pin point” out of many other logos. The dynamism of the design is given by the contrasting typography and the fact that we used a mix of numbers, letters and a symbol.

typography logo

The other significant part of the process of creating a logo, the colours, has been intentionally chosen to create tension. We went for red and blue, a contrast that supports the typography. This mix is actually a classical combination that works perfectly for a business to business setting. We wanted to express power, determination, effectiveness and reliability and also dynamism and a boost of energy.

What we created is a lively unity through simple typography, an iconic symbol and representative colours. This website logo will appeal to a large audience in a global setting. Their customers are going to remember it, most definitely.

Stationery look

How important design is

Without any doubt delivering quality products needs to be a major concern for any company. Even so, the design of the products and the visual identity of the brand often prove to be just as important. Take a look at Why good design is good business to realize the impact of great promotional materials and unique logos.

We offer you complete design services, so let us help you stand out!