Logo design for Terra research study

Terra is an international research project that tracks the development of adolescents over a time span of several years. For the project to be successful, teenagers must commit for the whole timeframe. Therefore, the project needed special features to make it attractive. These included lovely branding and gamification elements. We have created the branding and promotional materials for the research project, as well as the icon designs for the gamification system.

Client: Terra Research Study
Services: Logo design
Design Delivery price: £349

The research project is managed by university scientists with no commercial experience, so the strategy was to explore many logo design options. We initially designed four logos and then the final three logo design concepts were created after feedback was received.

The initial 4 logo design concepts

Here is a checklist summary of the design brief:

  • 4 logo design concepts
  • Youthful and modern design, attractive for teenagers aged 13 to 15
  • Psychology and game-related themes can be used for symbolism

The Terra research project looks at the emotions experienced by teenagers, their genetic background and the methods they use to handle these emotions. In the initial brief, the name to be used in the logo design was an acronym – PCEA.

We used several combinations of symbols and colours to create different logo design concepts.

PCEA logo concept 1: Energy

logo design concept

When people think of emotions they often visualize them as energy. When something is amiss in their emotional landscape, they often speak of having too much or too little of some kind of energy. We took a symbol of energy (the sun) and a symbol of a human (the active person) and combined them in this logo design. We used blue as a dominant colour to make a reference to the scientific endeavor, but we have also incorporated red and yellow to make the reference to emotions and energy.

PCEA logo concept 2: Genetic code

sun logo design concept

This logo design concept also builds on the metaphor of emotions as energy, but it goes into a more scientific direction by using the genetic code in the graphic. The code is designed to look like abstract people who are different, yet linked by common elements. This is a reference to the scientific view that part of human behavior is innate and part of it is learned. In this logo design we used a combination of blue and red to create contrast and a lively look.

PCEA logo concept 3: Emotional balance

logo concept

The logo design makes a reference to the diversity of emotions and it is built on the idea that emotions are polar – which is widespread in commonsense psyhology. The middle point of the oscillator is the ideal equilibrium, a position almost impossible to attain. Scientific research can help us to come closer to the ideal position which is why the middle figure is bigger in size and appears transparent.

PCEA logo concept 4: Puzzle butterfly

emotional logo concept

This logo design is built on a different type of symbolism. Butterflies are aesthetic but also fragile creatures. Butterflies are associated with childhood and play, with the quest for developing and discovering the world. It is a fitting symbol for how teenagers strive to find their identity and reach emotional maturity. The puzzle is another symbol for play and for the unknown to be discovered. In sum, this logo design relates to teenagers’ development and to their endeavor to understand themselves.

The final 3 logo design concepts

The brief

After the initial 4 logo designs it became much clearer to the client what they want from the logo. Also, they have decided to change the name of the project because the gamification idea was taking shape. They decided to change the name from an acronym to an earthier name: Terra.

Based on the previous four logo designs we had created, the client decided which colours they would like to use and what type of symbolism and shapes they would like to explore in the final logo design step. We created three more logo design concepts.

TERRA logo concept 1: Circular spirals


This logo design combines several themes: genetic code, the natural colours of Earth and the sphere, hinting towards the idea of unity. The logo makes a reference to Terra on a general level with implications on several specific levels. The graphic has a tilted plane of rotation, which relates to the idea of understanding things from a specific perspective.

TERRA logo concept 2: Puzzle planet – approved as final design


This logo design shows a partial sphere but it is composed of puzzle pieces shaped as people. It shows the whole being formed of parts. The fresh blues and greens relate to the natural world by combining tints of curiosity, youth and enthusiasm.

TERRA logo concept 3: Spiral brain

Logo design brain

This logo design concept combines the shape of a human brain with the shape of the planet. Overlaid strips of colours converge in a spiral, which is one of the layman’s metaphoric views of emotion. The masque effect obtained suggests that there is more to uncover. The three features create a complex structure, but visually simplified for aesthetic appeal.

The result

The logo design process for Terra was based on exploration to give our client the most amount of choice. By evaluating the four initial logo designs, they have been able to get a broad perspective over the possibilities that were open to them.

By the time we went to work on the final three logo design concepts, the client had changed the name to be used in the logo and the concept of the brand. However, the experience gained in the first design round enabled them to choose a colour scheme and a preferred style for the logo. In the end, the client chose the logo below for their brand.

Final logo design and colours

Final logo design, colours and fonts

Design for visual identity elements

A good visual identity needs to be promoted. Based on the final logo design, we have also created business cards, stationery design, banners and branded T-shirt design.

Business cards and stationery

Business cards and stationery design

Outdoor banner and t-shirt design

Banner ad and T-shirt design mock-up

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