Logo design and stationery for an allergy clinic

Healthcare companies are aware of the fact that credibility, loyalty and reliability are key factors that one has to keep in mind in order to be successful in this industry. That makes it indispensable for new companies to make the effort of building the solid foundation of a strong visual identity.

Client: Allergy, clinic
Services: Logo design branding, stationery design
Design Delivery price: £216

Our UK based client, Allergy Clinic, provides healthcare services that have to do with allergies. To name a few, they provide tests and treatments in cases of allergies. Their offer includes both online and offline services and they need a logo that can work well in both cases.

Health care logo design brief

Our client expressed the following preferences:

  • A very simple design which relates to allergies
  • Possible use of a flower
  • Preference for the colour green

Here are the steps we followed to create the design brief our customer would be satisfied with.

The logo design concept

From what we have experienced, it is not recommended to go for an abstract logo, as people will have difficulties understanding what it is that the company offers. However, in other cases this helps a lot, like it did for this international research project.

For the design concept, we focused on the element of the flower. We did some research to have a better understanding on how to incorporate the symbol in the design. Even though the flower is one of the most expressive symbols for allergies, it is a relief to know one can count on a clinic to help you get through. It is quite common for people to have difficulties in breathing during springtime because of an allergy. However, once the treatment is applied, one no longer feels controlled by the allergy.

green background

It is recommended in the healthcare business to use readable fonts. The font that we used respects the terms of the brief – the letters have a touch of lightness and smoothness.

We picked green as the main colour, because it stands for freshness, nature, reliability and vitality. The idea behind it is that people who visit the clinic can live a healthy life, without having to worry about pollen.

There is a contrast between green and black to the white background to make it more interesting and appealing.

blossom allergy

 The stationery design

In many cases, our clients ask us to deliver a package of services, not only a logo. For example, we created a logo redesign, letterhead, business cards and loyalty cards for a beauty salon.

In this case, the clinic asked us to create a logo and a stationery design. We looked up the requirements for the healthcare sector regarding business cards, letterheads and flyers. Taking everything into account, we kept the central idea of the logo, to create an effective visual identity and keep balance. That being said, the flower adds some personality to all those otherwise boring files everyone has to complete.

The design we were able to create strikes a fine line between formal and informal. Even though healthcare brands need to keep an authoritative and serious attitude, they need to give an impression of good will. They need to seem approachable and find ways to interact with people.

flyer brochure

It makes a big difference for a starting company to have such promoting materials. People notice all these details, and remember them for further recommendation. The strategy word of mouth works perfectly in the healthcare area. This is a perfect way to obtain loyal customers that are going to create the foundation of your business and help you grow it.

business cards

What we did for the clinic

The branding process is a necessity for every company, in order to get more customers and convince your current ones to call on your services again. Having a logo and other materials to promote your services help you create an impression of quality, trustworthy services.


Logo design for your company

We can help you too – whether you need to improve your logo and give it a modern touch, or to create a complete new one. Everything happens in-house, you send us your brief and we will take care to offer you something to be satisfied with. Have a look at our design services.