Logo Design for recruitment Company

Mindoff is a recruitment company that helps clients find and develop their top management talent. The recruitment company is a startup, formed around the concept that a consultant should help their client take their mind off a particular issue – finding and selecting talent. They have tried a number of design freelancers, but they were not happy with the results so they hired us to design their logo.

Client: Mindoff, recruitment company
Services: Logo design branding
Design Delivery price: £128

Previous logo design attemps vs. ours

When they got in touch with us, the Mindoff founders had a number of proposals already. However, these designs suffered from bad combinations of colours, typography and shapes. We’re pretty sure one of them is not even an original creation. Here are 4 attempts made by other logo designers:

Logos created by previous designers

Logo designs for the recruitment company proposed by other designers. The designer of number 4 used a stock graphic: we’ve found it on many sites in the exact same colours.

The company founders explained in the design brief that they want a futuristic logo that makes a reference to the digital world as they would use many innovative applications to offer their clients a great experience. At the same time they wanted a style that looks mature and inspires trust in the brand.

We have used a head profile to make a reference to the “mind” and styled it to add the digital feeling to the logo and to connect it to the idea of “taking one’s mind off”. We have combined this shape with a futuristic but simple and clean font. The logo can be used in black and white, but we have added a mint green colour to create a strong impact for the recruitment company brand.

Final logo design on different background colours

Final logo design for the recruitment company. We have suggested colour variations for use on different backgrounds and media.

Additionally, we have created a style guide to be used in the future. The style guide explains how to use the logo in different media and what to avoid in order to keep a coherent brand. Fonts and key design elements were included. The style guide also makes suggestions for additional colours when these are needed, such as for the creation of a recruitment company website.

Extract from style guide for the logo and identity design

Extract from the style guide: additional colours that go well with the main colours on websites, flyers and other materials.

I really love what you guys have done for us!

Tibi Borza, Co-founder of Mindoff

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