Logo design for personal trainer

The number of personal trainers has increased and therefore being able to stand out is not easy. Most of all, people do not know how to differentiate them. A branding process is vital for them, so people can remember and recommend them.

Among many other things, people want to look good, feel good and be healthy. That is why personal trainers have become important members in all societies. Even though there is plenty of research made on how to keep fit, people still need a motivator and a guide to always be there for them to support them.

This is where the process of branding comes in. A design company can help you create a professional visual identity, so your clients will perceive your services as trustworthy. Then, as the brand grows older and more ingrained in your clients’ mind, client retention and word of mouth are going to make your business grow. After some time, effort and effective strategies, the brand becomes an asset and can be taken to the next level.

For our client, we created the basis for the recognition of the brand, namely the logo. It had to be iconic and credible in order for his customers to find it appealing. It is important for a personal trainer to establish a connection with his customers. One way is to use the logo design regularly, so clients can pinpoint it and tell others about it too.

Client: AA Fitness, personal trainer
Services: Logo design branding
Design Delivery price: £117

The logo design brief

In the design brief, the client ordered a logo that needed to have the following elements:

  • The logo should feature the slogan and the name of the business
  • A graphic to represent fitness
  • The slogan: reach your peak
  • Colour preference: blue

As we always do, we take into consideration every aspect of the design brief. During the creative process we come up with different ideas and then present them to our clients. Here are the main steps we followed while designing the logo for the personal trainer.

The logo design concept

A logo can represent various things, such as the business domain, a metaphor related to the services that are being provided or the name. It is a little tricky to express health and fitness, since the theme is rather abstract.

The meaning of the logo design’s symbol

The tagline is quite interesting and fitting for the health industry. We thought we could incorporate it through a symbol in the design. What we created is a metaphor, mountain peak that revolves around the idea of fitness and health.

concept logo

The symbol can be understood from these different angles:

1. A graph – it represents the line of pulse, which stands for physical activity. Together with the other elements of the design, it becomes easy to understand

2. A mountain – starting from the slogan, “reach your peak”, we depicted the metaphor of a mountain. It refers to the journey the clients will go through when doing exercises on a regular basis. Eventually, they will reach their destination, or their peak, with the help of the personal trainer.

3. The business name – the same symbol represents the two A letters, the name. This is a special touch with a subtle effect.

Given the fact that the logo is for a personal trainer, we used a symbol that fits and even has multiple meanings that unite the requests our client had in the logo design brief.

It is not that easy as some may think to come up with such connections between the name of the company, a symbol and metaphors, but the results are worth it. Clients are going to notice at least some of the details and remember them.

The typography of the logo

As we have shown in this article, typography is not something to push to the side, it is a detail that makes the difference.

Even though it is not common, we included the slogan too. To make it easy to read, we used a slender font for the words. A bold font would turn our logo into a failed one. To show you the difference, here is an example of how-not-to:

faulty logo versus good logo

You can tell that there is now an imbalance in the composition and that it is more fitting for a personal trainer logo design to have slim features.

We chose a font that is slightly futuristic, to express the elegant, fit body a personal trainer would deliver to his customers. It is suitable because it is thought to express efficiency and reliability.

We opted for a roundness of certain letters to give a more athletic, flexible look to the text.

The colours and their meaning

As we have always emphasized, colours contribute to the meaning of the logo. They need to be in balance with the rest to create an original unity.

The client’s preference is for the colour blue to be used in the logo. However, we were free to choose which tones of blue would fit best with the other elements. The colour works well, as it expresses efficiency, dynamism and freshness.

We agreed on three shades of blue, each one adding a different layer of meaning to the logo.

1. Dark blue – we all know it, the beginning is the hardest. A lot of people can’t make it past this stage.

2. Very dark blue – is for the time when they hit their low-point. With the help of a personal trainer, they can overcome their difficulties and find their way on top to reach their peak.

3. Light blue – here is where progress is happening and everything seems much easier.

To keep the balance, we used these colours in the typography as well.

Keep the logo versatile

What we achieved to do for our client is to create a solid foundation for a brand. Moreover, the logo design can be used in many ways – graphic only or as a full logo with the typography included. In order to be used for brand objects, such as T-shirts, we provided our customer with a vector file of the logo and a computer graphic.

Further information on how we can design a logo for you too, and testimonials from our customers are on our blog.