Logo Design for insurance website

We have collaborated multiple times with websites that needed a logo design. We created visual identities for the 451 Unavailable or online shop websites. Thus, we know our clients need an authentic logo, that people can easily recall out of thousands of other logos from the internet.

Client: Versicherungs, insurance website
Services: Logo design branding
Design Delivery price: £396

On this website, people can find the most fitting insurance deal, based on their preferences. Our client wanted the logo to represent effectiveness and friendliness.

Our website logo design concept

The website is specialized in the financial sector, where aspects like mass market, real-time solutions, efficiency and accuracy are crucial.

The offers are available during a limited time, so the symbol we used to represent all the above is a chronometer. To support the concept, we needed a simple, easy-to-read font and of course, expressive colours. It had to be precise and technological.


The typography we used is a mix of two basic fonts. One is for the first half of the name and the second one for the second half. The name “versicherungs” is bolded, to stand out and catch the eye of the client. Then, the name “deals” explains the area the brand is active in. We used lowercase letters to make the brand approachable. It is important to create this combination of formal and friendly and the effect on people is worth it.

To give the logo a touch of professionalism and power, we used blue as the dominant colour, together with black. This mix stands for rationality and productiveness and shows how dedicated to its customers the website is. This is also a classical contrast for any businesslike look designers create.


What the final version looks like

Our customer was pleased with the concept we came up with. It represents the website’s interests, regarding what they want to express through their visual identity.


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