Logo Design for Website

Health is and has always been one of the main concerns of society. Today, with medicine developing so fast it is hard to choose between doctors.

That is why websites such as doktoren.info exist. They are meant to help you choose the doctor you like the best and who suits your tastes.

We created a new logo for this website to help it gain more popularity and credibility.

The design is very simple and self-explanatory. We selected an element which suggests what the company’s domain is.

The symbol:

We chose a stethoscope for a symbol. We designed it in such a way that it created a circle around itself. In the middle of the circle we put a cross.poza4

The design of the logo

The text:

The words: “doktoren.info” were written with very simple, clear characters. This shows seriousness and professionalism. We set the text on the right side of the logo’s symbol.

The colours:

We chose three colours for this design. We made the font cream-coloured. This way it was easy for us to choose other colours with which to create contrast.

The stethoscope is of a light shade of green while the cross in its middle is dark blue.

The same two colours were used for the text as well. We wrote the word “doktoren” with dark blue to emphasize it and “.info” was written in the same shade of light green as the stethoscope.rez

First combination of colours


We also created three more monochrome versions of the logo just described. We kept the same colours as before only we used them for the entire design. We used two shades of the same colour to distinguish the text from the background. The colours were green, blue and cream.

Also, we created another design for the logo, very similar to the initial one. The difference was in the use of colours. We chose a dark blue background with the image of two hands working on a laptop for it. Then we changed the colours of the text and the symbol. Wherever we used dark blue in the initial design we put cream this time, and the other way around.poza2

Second combination of colours

Creating various designs for our clients gives the possibility of choosing between them and gets us one step closer to satisfying their wishes.poza3

The final product