Logo Design for Tuning Blog

We created a tuning logo for a blog concerning cars and tuning. We created 4 different designs for the blog logo and sent them to our client.

Client: Tuning Blog
Services:  Logo design
Design Delivery price: £200

The four tuning logo designs

The first design uses three colours: white, black and orange. It is in the form of a badge and it has a thick “B” written in black. Merging with the letter “B” is a text written with white characters on an orange font. The text is the word “tuning” and it is written on a curved line. Underneath it there is the word “blog” written with white characters on a triangular shaped, black background. Also we added an effect on the blog’s logo which made it seem like it shined and the outcome was more credible.

The second design has the word “tuning” written with white characters on a black background. Following that, the text “blog.eu” is written on an orange background with white characters. On the left end of the writing, we added the shape of a wheel, drawn in black and orange. On the right of the wheel there are some black and orange squares which look like pixels. The tuning part is represented by the shape of the wheel. The pixels drawn near the wheel represent the blog part.poza2

Draft of the logo design chosen

The third design has the word “tuning” written with white characters on an orange background. In front of it the words “blog.eu” are also written with white letters only on black font. This design looks 3D and seems like the viewer is looking at it from its left side. On the right side of the text we added an orange plus sign.

The fourth design resembles the Chrysler sign. The words “tuning blog.eu” are written on a black font in the shape of a hexagon. The word “tuning” is written in white, the word “blog” is written in orange and “.eu” is in grey. The wings put on the sides of the logo are formed of three, thick, horizontal lines.  We also applied a special effect on this design to make it look shiny.

The colours

For all four designs we chose:

  • White
  • black
  • orange because

The three of them combined result in a very masculine effect. The darkness of the black with the strong shade of orange give a very technical note to the blog’s logo. We chose these colours because we felt that they match the mood of a tuning blog.

The final product

After sending the four designs to our client, he decided that the second design is the one that he likes the most. After this, no logo revision was further needed and our client was satisfied.poza3

 Image of the final product