Logo Design for Island’s Website

The Fuerteventura Island’s website needed a new logo, which is where we helped them.

Our client asked us to design a variety of possible logos for their website using elements such as the sun and palm leafs and trees.

The three designs:

  1. The first logo we designed has:
  • A circle border as a focus point
  • Inside the circle there is the symbol of a palm tree, drawn with very simplistic lines which suggest the shape of a tree
  • Both the border and the lines of the tree are drawn in a light shade of grey
  • Under the circle the text “MEIN FUERTE” is written with simple, thin, orange characters
  • Underneath that there is a second text, “traum-strand.net” written in small, grey characters.

We also gave our client the possibility of choosing this design in grey, blue and orange. This first logo is a more formal one, which basically suggests professionalism.

  1. The second design uses:
  • The colours grey and orange
  • The word “fuerte” written with big and thick, orange letters in the centre of the logo
  • Above there is the word “mein” written in capital, thin letters in a lighter shade of orange
  • The focus point: the word “fuerte”
  • Below is the text: “traum-strand.net” written in grey letters
  • On the right side of the writing, there is a symbol. We combined the shape of the Fuerteventura Island with the shape of a palm leaf, and got a new symbol for which we used a light grey.

This design sets a happier mood than the previous one due to the warm colours used in it. The fact that the colour orange was mainly used reminds the viewer of a sunset/sunrise, which are most beautiful over the ocean or a sea.

  1. We offered the third design in three colours: bright blue, grey and white. We also made a design which included only two colours: dark blue and bright blue.
  • The text “MeinFuerte” is written in navy blue, with the word “fuerte” having bold characters to draw attention to it
  • Under this text, there is the link to the island’s website, written in small, grey letters: meinfuerte.de
  • Above all the writing there is the symbol our client liked the most. We drew a big sun on an island with water in front of it.
  • The drawing is made to look childish and is all made in the same shade of bright blue.pzoa2

The draft of the design

This last design sets a more playful mood due to its childish drawing style. Also the presence of the sun and the water in the logo hint towards vacation and relaxation.

Even though the last design did not use elements such as palm trees and leafs, it did contain the symbol of a big sun. This design was the one our client chose.poza6

 One of the possible looks of the logo

The colours:

The colours used in the design chosen by our client are light blue and dark blue on a white background. Given the fact that this is the logo for the website of an island, blue is an appropriate colour. Blue usually represents water or the sky. Both of them are part of the surroundings on an island. White suggests the presence of the sand and the light coming from the sun. Put together they represent what is found on a beautiful island such as the Fuerteventura Island.pzoa4

Google plus cover:

We also created a Google Plus cover for the Fuerteventura Island. We used the logo chosen by our client. In this cover there a photo of an actual ocean on the background and on the foreground there is the same drawing of a sun we used in the logo. On the left side of the cover you can find our entire logo.