Logo Design for Horse and Owner

We have created various logos for unusual projects in the past such as a cheese brand, car parts, allergy clinics, research projects, events and even navy ships. This time we worked on a logo for a horse and its owner.

Client: Sir Loxley and Luna
Services: Logo design
Design Delivery price: £

The logo design brief:

The client wanted the logo to have the following attributes:

  • It should be simple in order to be easily sewed on shirts
  • It should have the shape of an emblem
  • It should have horse riding related symbols
  • It should have a title and a secondary text
  • It should contain pastel colours which fit the topic

 The process of creation:

We followed and respected all the requested characteristic of the logo while also refining it and giving it a professional look.

We made a logo which reflected the quality of the services they offer. The logo is very easily recognizable and also sticks to one’s mind. The fact that the focus point of the logo is the shape of a horse hints that it belongs to an equestrian sport related company.

Deciding on what to focus in this logo was not difficult, so we chose the shape of a horse. Depending on how the horse was drawn, it could have sent different messages: a gracious horse, a strong one, an aggressive horse or even a very young one.pzoa 2

Draft of the logo

The message of the logo:

  1. The emblem- as requested by the client, the logo has the shape of an emblem, which usually represents royalty.
  2. The text- the text in the logo composed of the title : “Sir Loxley & Luna” and a subtitle: “Equestrian Sports” which explains exactly what the company relates to. Namely Sir Loxley is the name of the horse, while Luna is the name of its owner.
  3. The animal- animals tend to strike the audiences’ hearts and gives the logo personality. Usually the shape of a horse represents power but also elegance, royalty but also faithfulness.
  4. The moon and the star- these two elements placed near the horse in the logo are related to the fact that one of the names in the title, more specifically “Luna” means “moon”. We gave it a try at representing not only the horse, but also the rider, Luna. The client loved the idea so we kept it.poza1

The main symbol of the logo

The colors:

The client gave us the freedom of choosing the colors of the logo as long as they were not too bright and they matched the mood. Therefore we chose the colors nude and dark blue. These two colors work very well together. While nude is a very subtle colour, the dark blue brings elegance to the image and they create a beautiful contrast. Dark blue is a very strong colour while nude is a very calm one. The warm nude combined with the imposing shade of blue looks very good when sewed on fabric.

The typography:

We also chose to focus on the words “Sir Loxley & Luna” using bigger fonts to draw attention, and above this title they put the subtitle “Equestrian Sports” showing that it is no less important.

Logo revision:

The client has previously had a different logo which no longer suited his wishes. So what we did was create a new logo from scratch. We first send him a logo which he felt needed some simplifications in the title are. Also he wished to change the form of the horse’s mouth because he thought it was too short. After we made this changes and resent it to him he had one more request. He thought we should remove the piece in the horse’s mouth. Afetr this, our client was satisfied with the result and had no more changes to add.

The final product:

Mainly, we created an eye-catching logo using the symbol of a horse on an emblem. This met our client’s requestsand reflected her activity. We also kept it simple so it could be used on different kinds of fabric.poza3

 The final product

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