Logo Design for Gambling Website

The world of gambling is a mysterious one for those of us who don’t have anything to do with it. For those of us who are interested though, it is very important that they know how to select from their choices of gambling websites.

We created a logo for one of these websites. The role of the website is to help its clients judge the professionalism and quality of gambling websites.

Following this logic we decided to give our clients three designs from which to choose.

The first design:

We create several versions for this design, the thing that makes them different being the colours used.

The design itself is made out of a judge’s hammer and and a circle which is the place on which the hammer stands.

We made gold and placed them on a dark green background. On the hammer we drew gambling slots. Also we made the circle look like a poker chip.

The fact that we combined the two symbols of a judge and gambling represents what the websites does.

This design was also made in a dark blue on a white font, in white on a yellow or green background.

The second design:

For the second version we kept the same colours as in the first. This time we kept the circle which looks like a poker chip. On it we drew the face of a man. His hair, face expression and high collar resemble a judge.

Again the combination of two symbols of gambling and justice represent exactly what the website’s domain is.

We made different versions of this logo as well, using the same combinations of colours as before.

The third design:

We also kept the same colour combination for the third design as well. We chose the same dark green background and the first version of the design is gold. The symbol is the same one used in the second design. It is the head of a man who looks like a judge. We drew him in two ways the difference being in his hairstyle. Again, the fact that we chose the image of a judge shows the company’s occupation.

The combination of dark green and gold is a very strong one. Also it is very professional and serious.

The same design was also made in dark blue on a light green background and on a yellow one.

Everything in these three designs was chosen so that it makes a powerful first impression and it sets a very professional mood.