Logo Design for a Beauty Clinic

Feeling beautiful is a common need, and choosing whether or not to come into your salon depends on the image that represents that certain salon.

And here is where we intervene. We create beauty salon logos which meet the expectations of both the owners and their clients. Such a design is the one for the Sidonia Beauty Salon.

Another beauty salon that contacted us is The Beauty Clinic, and here is how we created their logo!

The logo design brief:

These are the requests our client gave us for the beauty salon logo:

  • Use some of the grey, pink and lime colours
  • Remove the existing images
  • Be usable on the salon’s front sign or on the glass frontage
  • Be luxurious, elegant
  • Possibly have a simple image

The creation of the logo design:

The Beauty Clinic had another logo previously and asked us to change it completely. The old logo had the name of the beauty salon under three very colourful pictures showing different natural elements which are used in beauty salons. We designed a couple of different beauty salon logos and asked them to choose between them.bc3

Creation of one of the designs of the logo

The first logo was formed of a circle and the text below it. Inside the circle the letters B and C merge one under the other. Below this circle there is the text “The Beauty” written in bold characters and the word “clinic” is under it written in thin characters with dashes on the sides. This underlines the fact that our client does not own just any other salon, but an elite salon.

This second logo also has two main parts. The first one is a rhomb inside of which the same merge B and C are placed, while the second one is the text. This text stands on the right side of the rhomb and is all written with simple and thin letter, each word below the other.BC3

The third logo is different from the others. It uses the symbol of a lotus flower with the text written under it. The words “The Beauty” are again written in bold characters while the word “clinic” is written underneath them with thin letters and dashes at both ends.BC2

After sending these three logo designs to our client, the first one was chosen.

Logo revision:

After our client coming to the conclusion that they want the first design, they had one more request. They wanted us to change the shape of the “C” in the beauty salon’s logo. We made the change and simplified the logo even more, removing the tail of the “C” in the initial design. After this change has been made, our client was satisfied with the result.poza 4

The design of the logo

The colours:

The colours used were black and pink. These two are a very simple mix of colours which draws attention but is not too colourful. Pink is a very feminine colour while black is sophisticated. We used a warm shade of pink so that it will not be too striking near the strong black. This way the two of them are pleasant to the eye. Combining these two, we created and elegant and luxurious logo design.

The typography:

Besides the simple, bold characters used for the text “The Beauty Clinic”, we added the word “Fulham” on the bottom of the beauty salon’s logo. This is the area where the salon is placed, namely a district in London. This word is written with very thin, grey letters so that it does not draw much attention to it. On the other hand, the letter of the word have a very large space between them, which makes it nearly as long as the main text. This shows that the location is just as important as the name of the beauty salon.

The final product:

The final product is a beautiful logo design for The Beauty Clinic in Fulham. This design is luxurious and its colours are feminine. Combined with the modern approach, the logo is a success.poza 3

 The final product