Logo design for electrical company

Our client is a company from the electrical domain, providing products such as panels, transformers and grids. They wanted to redefine their image and give it a more professional look. They wanted the logo to express the utility of energy in improving people’s life.

Client: Ennergies, electrical company
Services: Logo design branding, stationery design
Design Delivery price: £168

Logo Design Brief

Unsatisfied with their old logo, they wanted a new and more powerful image. The previous logo had weak symbols with weak colours. In the design brief, they requested a logo that expresses the maturity of the company. Even more, they wanted a logo suitable for the technical field. In this way, current and new clients would see their company as trustworthy.

The logo design concept

Sketch logo

Conceptually, the logo design comes from three ideas: technical drawing, projection and intellect, envisioned in a simple way. The new logo starts from the visual representation of a transformer. This is a strong symbol. It represents the transformation of energy and its adaptability to the functional characteristics of various circuits. In this way, it also refers to the mission of the company: to be the link between clients and the world of energy. Moreover, the geometrical shape of the logo denotes stability while inspiring credibility, power and safety. Thus, the image of a mature player in the market is created.

When it comes to the colours of the logo, we chose two contrasting colours. The orange electric wires create a warm and trustworthy feeling against the darker frame. The dark frame defines professionalism and seriousness.

Colour contrast

The writing of the word “energies” is unique. Upon the client’s request, the NN changed to a more peculiar format. We have interconnected the two letters in order to symbolize the strong link that the company wants to develop between its clients and its mission. By writing them in the orange colours, the logo now expresses warmth and friendliness. The font Source Sans Semibold is legible and its round shapes denote seriousness and uniformity. This makes the logo easy to read at both a smaller and a larger scale. Even more, when zoomed out, the writing looks aesthetic even at a smaller scale.

3. Stationery design for the company

This logo needs nothing more. It can be engraved on additional requisite such as business cards, envelopes, letters or invoice. The compact logo design allows for application on large presentations or small papers without reducing its readability. No matter its use, it keeps the professionalism and mature feeling the company looks for. Whether it is a pen or card, both stationery objects represent the unique trademark of the company.

Stationery design

A logo design is part of the business success. It is as important as the brand of your business. That is why your business needs a strong and different logo that speaks professionally and clearly.

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