Logo and sticker design case study: 451 Unavailable website

Website logo design

451unavailable.org is a cool website about internet censorship, a project created by the Open Rights Group. Go check it out. We designed the logo, some of the website graphics and a sticker.


Client: Open Rights Group
Services: Logo design, icons design, graphic illustration, sticker design
Design Delivery price: £157

The logo design

Open Rights Group explained in the brief that they needed a simple logo that doesn’t take sides (pro or against internet censorship). However, the logo design needed to make a reference to what it stands for and it also had to be easy to use for print and for web.


Logo design steps

Logo design details

The logo design we have created is simple, but there is quite a little bit of symbolism hidden in it. It makes use of different signs, such as the triangle and the exclamation mark, which are associated with warning messages. The rectangle around “unavailable” makes a reference to both “protection” and “limitation of freedom”.

Website graphics design

We have designed the icons and the skyline illustration with burning buildings used for the background of the website.


Graphic illustration design for website

Icons design and skyline illustration for 451unavailable.org website

The client’s web designers explained in the brief that the number 451 is a reference to the book Fahrenheit 451 and that this was going to be theme of the website. We have created the graphic to work well with the logo in terms of colours and style.


The graphic file you sent is exactly what I need to design the website.

Web designer

Sticker design

The sticker we designed is meant to be used on laptops. We created two colour versions for dark and light laptop colours, so that users can choose a sticker depending on the colour of their laptop.


branded sticker design for laptop

Branded sticker design for laptops

The sticker promotes the logo and it makes a reference to the web through the use of the browser window we have integrated into the design. The colours are friendly, thus contrasting the intensity of the logo in CAPS and the signs used.

Logo design, website graphics and sticker design

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