Logo Design for Car Parts Company

This time, Prompter, a car parts manufacturer contacted us to help them with their branding process. The brand has been selling their products for many years now, but was facing a drop in sales. There was competition from Chinese manufacturers. Even though they offered low quality products, but they had attractive prices and appealing packaging.

Client: Prompter, car parts company
Services: Logo design branding
Design Delivery price: £114

Our client realized they needed an up-to-date package to go with their superior products, and approached us to redesign it. The first step was to create a logo for them.

The logo design brief

When our clients have a list of certain preferences, it helps us get a clue on what they want to get. An example is this beauty salon. In other cases, we are asked to redesign an existing logo, usually when a relaunch is planned, as for this website.

However, in this case, the car parts manufacturer did not give many prescriptions on how we should help him create the logo. The only important note here was that the company already had a range of products. Therefore, they wanted to have the possibility to use the same logo with different colour palettes to differentiate between some lines of products. This gave us the opportunity to use our creativity and surprise them.

Our approach to the product logo design

The car parts industry has been around for quite some time now and there are many classical brands owned by large corporations. That sets a certain style for every single company. Keeping this style helps companies identify with the niche and helps their clients remember them. That’s why this is no place to be the odd one out. We always do research to get a clue on how an industry works, regarding the branding process. In this case, we searched how well-known companies create their visual identity and most importantly, how it applies to the corporate identity versus the product identity.

Not surprisingly, they all follow the rule that says “simplicity is the key” – a basic logo, that is based on typography and an abstract symbol that usually represents one of their elemental products they sell.  We decided to use the same approach and create something that can stand for all their products and help create the bond that identifies the company with the industry.

Logo design car company

The logo design concept

In some cases it takes a lot of creativity to design an original logo that gives a feeling of positivity, for example when we created a logo for a dentist.

This time, we had a lot of options to choose from when it came to picking which element of their reference products to represent in the graphics. After exploring numerous alternatives, we decided to use brakes as the main symbol. We asked our customers and they agreed, so we created the abstract representation. The icon comes in the form of a P, the initial of the company and a car part, the reference element. The design is not complicated, with a technical look and feel to it. It helps build the impression of trust, quality and seriousness.

concept car

Colours and typography in the product logo

As for the typography of the logo, the rule still applies – simple is more effective. In this case, just like in many others, excessive decoration would send out the wrong signals. The font has some diagonal lines, which make it distinctive, authoritative and representative for a company in the technical domain.

typography car

As our clients requested, we have created two colour pallets. These will be used for different product series and will help distinguish them from others.

The first palette is based on red and blue, the shade of blue being very light. The logo itself includes only white, black and blue, so the red colour will be used exclusively in the packaging design. The red and blue together create a lively contrast, having a feel of energy, power, rationality and reliability.

red colour palette

The second colour palette is chosen for car parts, which belong to engines, so we had to express different notions that customers can relate to. We used green and blue, the second colour being the dominant one. This colour mix gives the feeling of performance and dynamism. Once again, the main colour does not appear in the logo, but helps build the strong character of the package. Green is an earthy colour and is associated with nature. The company’s engines are designed to be environment-friendly, so we established the colour for the logo as well.

green colour

The new product brand

What we have accomplished for the company is to create a new visual identity for their products and so a solid basis for their brand. Now, they are able to face the competitors and prove that success in selling needs not only quality products, but tempting packaging as well. For the long term, the logo we created will differentiate them in the car parts industry and will stand for quality. The logo we designed can be used in black and white too, for engraving on products. Thus, it is versatile and fitting for different backgrounds, which is a criteria your logo must meet.

3D graphic logo design

From branding to packaging design

We can help you out not only with a new logo design, but also with complete packaging design. Have a look on how we created a visual identity for a premium cheese brand.