Invoice Design example service company

The invoice is an important part of business stationery. Often users tend to overlook it in branding efforts. GB Partitions approached us to create an invoice design for them. As their invoice must feature special information for the client to understand what they pay for, they needed a custom invoice design.

Invoice mockup and collateral design

Mockup of the invoice design and collateral designs

Client: GB Partitions
Services: Invoice design
Design Delivery price: £65

The invoice design

We have created the invoice design to be in tune with their general identity. There are more challenges to creating a good invoice design than adding the logo colours. Readability, good spacing and flexibility for editing the fields are essential. We made calculations to ensure that we can write all the information in a readable and aesthetic manner within the given space. Thus the invoice design has all the necessary details, but it doesn’t look crowded. We have used colour effectively to give the design balance and to place it within the GB Partitions visual identity.

Header of invoice design

Header of the invoice design

Creating an editable invoice

Most of our clients require an editable file format for the invoice. It’s much easier to edit an invoice in popular editing software like Microsoft Word than to use special software for editing PDF files. Working in Word imposes serious design limitations. It’s probably one of the top 10 sources for designers’ drama. In this case, for instance, we would have liked to use rounded corners for the tables, but there’s no efficient way to do that in Word and keep the file compatible with older versions of Word.

Invoice design mockup

Final invoice design

We don’t always need to make tradeoffs between design and working with software like Word or PowerPoint. When we do, we discuss all the implications with our clients to choose the best possible outcome. If you want an invoice that you can easily edit, chat with us and will tell you more about what we can and can’t do in terms of design.

Other invoice design projects
Invoice design is one of the services we are most proud to offer, because only few design agencies have the skills to create credible and beautiful invoice designs.
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