Invoice Design example for consulting company

The invoice design for this consulting company is part of a larger order where we have designed a desktop wallpaper, stationery and a presentation as well. The client requested an editable file format for the invoice design, so that they can use the design in Microsoft Word.

Client: Trademore, consulting company
Services: Invoice design
Design Delivery price: £65

The invoice design

The Trademore logo features bright colours with a powerful contrast. We used grey with blue and green to create a balanced invoice design. On top of that, we used the colours to highlight the key elements of the invoice. We have used other elements of the visual identity as well, such as the arrows. The invoice shows the key information relating to the payment and the client at the top, while the bottom part shows the remittance advice. With this structure it is easy to find information when presented with the invoice.

Bespoke invoice design for Trademore

 The bespoke invoice design example, customized with the logo, colours, style and identity elements of the brand (mockup image)

Bespoke invoice design for trademore in detail

 The design in this example is clean, the information is easy to find and to edit, placed in a logical order.

More invoice design examples

We are experienced in invoice design and we offer good prices as well, here’s our offer. But you can also have a look at a few more examples of invoice design case studies.

  • Professional invoice design
  • Easy to edit

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