Namebadge design examples

You walk around the office and you spot the new employee. You want to tell him something, but you can’t remember his name. Your brain cringes trying to figure it out John… or was it Jack? Jonathan! No, too long… Johanna! But he’s a male! You can see how his eyes turn sad. You pass by him and boom! Your fame as the arrogant, up-tight boss unleashes.

Awkward situations can hinder the office atmosphere. However, if your employees have a namebadge or nametag, you can avoid it. A nametag helps clients identify the employees and relate to them. It is more comfortable to talk with a face that has a name.

Scroll down for the ultimate 5 tips on making the perfect nametag design:

1. The right info

Regardless of the situation, any nametag or namebadge must have the name and the occupation of the person. If you want to personalize the nametag according to the situation: conference, event or work, you can add a spice to the name and the occupation; for example the favourite colour, quote, music or even the social media ID. However, if the context is formal you’d better resume at the name and the occupation with nothing like: “YOLO~~ I’m the Dino from Nino named Valentino.”

2. The right size

Size matters! The name should be written in a clear font, in a readable size, that you can see even from 10 steps away. If the design of the namebadge allows it you should write the occupation in large, too.

3. The right design

Depending on the information you put on the namebadge you can go for a variety of shapes: rectangular, squared or circular.

Even more, think of the place you are going to attach the nametag: on clothes or around your neck. You can go for magnetic namebadges, nametags with a pin or for a plastic cover to which you can attach a lanyard.

4. The right material

Think of utility. Even though the current designs can be printed on edible, recyclable or detachable materials, they can be quite expensive. If you need the nametag only for identification, a simple print can be both elegant and appealing.

5. The number of sides

If by some miracle, you must write more than the name and occupation, think of using the backside of the namebadge. In case your namebadge flips around, duplicating the front side ensures that your name is visible from both angles.

Below, we offer you 3 examples of nametags that we designed.

A nametag or namebadge is an important requisite in the Corporate Identity System that improves networking inside and outside the company. Alongside with business cards or invoices, nametags carry the name and the reputation of the brand to the world.

In our first case study, the nametag design is targeted towards medical workers. There are three institutions related to the private medical services from Harley Street: a clinic, a scan clinic and an ultrasound clinic that hired us to design their nametags.

1st nametag design

The first nametag design was tailored for the Harley Clinic, in two parts.

On the upper right side of the nametag, there is the logo of the clinic in a readable size. The name of the person is written in the same colour as the logo, in a large size. Below the name is the occupation of the person written in a lighter shade in order to create a fresh contrast.

The two parts of the nametag are connected with the picture of the person, placed in a clear fashion. Next to it, the address of the clinic is written in white on a dark mint green background.

In the left corner, we had enough space to place the badge that certifies the clinic. This way, the nametag of the employee speaks about the quality of the services, the identification of the employee and the location of the clinic by being clearly visible and professional looking.

The design of the nametag can be multiplied to the rest of the team.

2nd nametag design

The second name badge is meant for a clinic that specializes in baby scans.

Following the same design, this nametag contains the logo of the clinic, the quality certification, the photo, name and occupation of the employee and the address of the clinic.

The nametag design can be adapted to many companies because it offers a large space for lengthy information, keeping the readability high. Moreover, it can be presented in various colours without ruining the contrast and the visibility of the design as seen in the third nametag, designed for the ultrasound clinic.

3rd nametag design

Another example of a namebadge design is the one we created for a handyman company. Divided in two sections, the namebadge presents lots of information such as the logo, the certification, the phone number, the engineer ID of the employee, the name and the picture plus other details concerning the insurance policy.

Sounds stuffy, but once you place all the information on a well-done design… everything fits in the right place.

In the upper section, we used the logo design, extended as a background for the phone number. In the lower section, next to the photo of the employee the name, occupation and engineer ID are written in black font. In order to maintain the symmetry of the namebadge design, we placed the employee photo in parallel with the certification badge.

Below the name and the photo, the insurance policy details are written in white to create an effect that focuses the eyesight on the information of the employee.

The colour palette matches the colours of the brand, which helps to identify easily the employee as a part of the company, offering clients security and trust.

Our examples are testimonies to the fact that you can get a nametag design that it is both useful and appealing, without crossing the limits of readability.

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