Why Good Design Is Good Business

In this 30 seconds video, Hosain Rahman, founder and CEO of Jawbone, speaks on the importance of delighting the customer and how good design means good business.


Jawbone gained a huge awareness boost with their super stylish Jambox speakers. The star product, the Mini Jambox, has a compact, ultra-slim design and takes speakers to a whole new level of portability. There are plenty of portable speakers out there, but few are as hip as this one. It has good functionality and good design, which naturally draws in the customer’s interest.


This of course not only applies to product design. In almost all instances, a company’s image is filtered through the visual perception first. So your logo and and promotional materials matter just as much as your products. They need good design. From all the information cues that encourage a customer to buy from you, the visual ones have the highest impact.