Friendly logo design for dentist

Dentsmile is a premium dentist. Their philosophy is that patients should have a pleasant experience when they visit the dentist, an experience that improves their health and the quality of their lives. We have created their logo design and a number of other designs for a branding that matches their philosophy.

Client: Dentsmile, dentist
Services: Logo design, form design, business card design, letterhead design, folder design
Design Delivery price: £338

Logo design

Creating logos for dentists is difficult, because there are so many dentist logos out there and the shape of a tooth rarely has positive connotations for the average person. Many dentists logos use abstract shapes to avoid this problem. This is not something we recommend, as an abstract shape can create distance between the brand and the observer.

Thus we have taken it upon ourselves to use the shape of a tooth in a creative way.

logo construct

The logo sketch and guidelines

We created a friendly, round shape with bold features. The font also has rounded edges and a somewhat informal style.


The dentist logo design in light colours on orange background

logo design window sign

Window sign with the dentist logo design

We chose orange and white for the colour palette of the visual identity. White is a reference to purity, while the orange creates a nice warm feeling whenever it is used.

colour palette orange and white

The colour palette includes HEX, RGB, CMYK and Pantone colour codes

Business card and stationery design

Based on the approved logo, we have designed business cards and a letterhead for the dentist. The business cards are simple with playful shapes. The letterhead has a simpler design, as it is rather used in correspondence with suppliers.

business card design

Business card mock-ups

Form, folder and other designs

Dentsmile offers a complex experience, where patients are guided through a complete program for their dental health. Patients fill in forms that give the dentist information about their general health, sign a consent form and receive leaflets with useful information. We have designed the complete package for only £195. It includes two forms, a leaflet, a schedule for appointments and a folder to hold them all.


Forms, appointments schedule and folder design

Create a strong medical brand using professional design

Brands are experiences and experiences need to be designed. We can help you build a lasting relationship with clients by providing you with compelling logo design, stationery design, forms and design for other items.