Form design example – healthcare industry

The Ultrasound Clinic of Harley Street welcomes hundreds of patients each year. All of them undergo a similar procedure which requires them to start by filling out a registration form. The Ultrasound Clinic is all about making the scan experience as pleasant as possible, so they have asked us to design a registration form that feels friendly and warm, rather than dull and unwelcoming.


Client: Harley Street Ultrasound Clinic, healthcare
Services: Form design
Design Delivery price: £45


The form design

The general looks of the form

Plain, black-on-white text is boring, so we have used the warm colours of the Utrasound Clinic branding design. This made the form design more appealing and friendly. The form is visually divided into sections to give the patients a pleasant overview.

clinic form design

Healthcare form design

The branding is brought in by using the grey and yellow from the brand’s colour palette and by repeating the unique shape of the clinic logo in the form.

Little details that matter in form design

We have used boxes to suggest how and where the form should be filled out:


form fields design

Custom field box for filling in the time

The date and time boxes suggest the format that is preferred, while the yellow highlight indicates precisely the areas where the patient needs to fill in every detail. We have also simplified the form so that clients don’t have to write their information in cases where they can just tick the scan.


These little details make the form friendlier, but they also make it easy to scan and to digitalize the data if needed.


The value of form design

When you’re asking your customers to fill out a form, it is important that you give them a form that is both easy to fill out and easy to process afterwards. Not only will you make a more credible impression and offer your clients a more pleasant experience with a well-designed form, but you can save tremendously on processing costs. Our offer for professional form design starts at £45. That’s less than 20p per form if you hand them out to 250 people.