Folder design for retailers

This is a well-known and powerful non-profit organisation drew upon our services in order to design a folder. An important player in the Swiss market since 1968, they are the top employer of people with disabilities, offering training and residential places.

Client: NGO
Services: Folder design, branding
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Design Brief

Their request was a folder design that shows openness and professionalism since it is targeted towards retailers. It needs to be compatible with the reputation of the Swiss brand. Moreover, it should be easy to use and appealing. The folder design presents the game to the shop owners in a professional way.

Design Concept

The famous board game Dog is based on teamwork and partnerships. In the game, you have to move the tokens from the initial spot to the target area, rapidly, according to the value of the cards. The team that moves all the tokens in the target area wins. We focused our design on the centrepiece of the folder – the game.

Folder Design


The previous folder design is dull. The design is crowded because of how the details are arranged. Even though the name of the game is visible, it does not focus on presenting the game and the used design makes the folder look amateurish.


Based on our client’s design brief, the new concept uses simplicity as an expression of utility.

The folder was divided into three parts:

– The outer cover;

– The inner cover;

– The folding section;

The outer cover imitates the board game. The structure of the game is positioned on the middle cut of the cover so if it is opened flat it becomes the game. In order to incorporate the mascot of the game on the cover, the dog was sketched on a transparent half of a sphere. On the opposing side of the game, another green bubble features relevant information.

The structure of the game was designed with a 3D aspect, influencing the dynamism of the overall folder.

The inner cover features a catch phrase about the game and since it is the introduction of the folder, the phrase was written like a title. The design is kept simple but dynamic by adding the transparent bubble on the edge of the cover making the mascot more visible and lively.

The folding section follows the design of a familiar envelope due to the efficiency of the paper holders. On the length of the section, the catch phrase is used for more impact, now in the colour of the brand- lime green. In addition, on the width of the section is a tiny pocket, useful for placing a business card.


In order to express the utility of the game, we kept the font choosing Sans Serif. It suits the 3D aspect of the game from the outer cover. Besides utility, the font suggests professionalism and a clean and healthy environment.


The chosen colours had to exhibit the brand’s traits – social and professional.

For the game, the tokens are red, blue, lime green and yellow placed on a shaded blue background. The text is white on the outer cover and to keep the professional look, blue was used for the folding section. It also creates a lively contrast with the lime green background. The red colour was also used for the filling of the circle with the cross symbol. These colours are used by the brand for other services such as their website, so the folder carries the image of the brand.

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