Flyer Design for Beauty Salon

We created this flyer design for a beauty salon in Essex. Our client has ordered a flyer to promote her services. 

Client: Beauty salon
Services: Flyer design
Design Delivery price: £65

The beauty salon flyer design

We had to make a flyer with a unique design. The unique design would borrow elements from the branding of the salon where the beautician offers her services. Therefore we used the respective design elements, such as picture frames and a pink shade to go along with black.

Flyer design for beauty services

Front and back side of the A5 flyer for the beauty salon

The back of the flyer was to hold a price list with many details and abundant information. As there was too much information for an A5 flyer, some of it had to be removed. Additionally, the back of the flyer also includes a before and after image for eyelash extensions.

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