Website Logo Redesign Case Study is a great place to browse if you want to save on your shopping. The deal search engine lists hundreds of thousands of deals from all over the UK. Flahoo approached us to redesign their logo before the relaunch of their website.

Client: Flahoo, website
Services: Logo redesign, design styleguide, letterhead, business card design, website slider images
Design Delivery price: £199

After a successful logo design project, the client ordered business cards and slider images for the website as well.

The Flahoo logo redesign

The initial logo design was based on a good idea, but the colours and the shape needed to be adjusted for an appealing design. We modified the shape of the price tag, added a 3D effect, switched the font with a friendlier one and diversified the colours for visual depth.

logo redesign before and after

The Flahoo logo, before and after the redesign process

The shape

The logo shape has been changed by removing sharp corners to make the logo friendlier.  The rounded edges make the logo more relaxed and pleasant to look at.

logo shape price tag

The 3D effect

This 3D effect gives the Flahoo logo a web look that helps illustrate the specific purpose of Flahoo, namely easing the search for online deals.

3d effect in logo design

The font

The new font is more informal and has rounded edges. This helps reduce unnecessary barriers between the brand and its users.

Font used in logo


The logo colours have been changed to strike a balance between contrast and warmth. White and three reds were used to give the logo depth and personality.

Logo colours

Flahoo also ordered a style guide to be used by the web designers and developer for the new website.

The style guide provided me with all the information I needed to start work on the new website. I liked that Design Delivery chose a strong colour combination that made my work easier. I was surprised to see that they had thought about secondary colours to be used for the brand which are not part of the logo. I wish all my clients would supply me with such complete branding information.

Flahoo Website Designer

Application of styleguide in webdesign

The styleguide included colours, fonts and button styles to be applied in the design of the website

Business cards and letterhead design

Additionally, we have designed business cards and a letterhead with the new logo design and visual style of Flahoo. The business cards are two sided, with the company logo and the representative’s name and contact details on one side and the logo in full on the reverse.

business card and letterhead design

Mockup of the letterhead design and the business cards

For the letterhead, we created a simple design, with a clear and easy-to-read font. For the footer, we used the curved style element used in the logo.

Website slider redesign

We have created three slides for the new Flahoo page. They have all been created to fit the new branding and to integrate well into the new website designed by the web agency. The slide images feature a minimalist style to highlight the promo text.

slider image design

The slider images integrate well into the website and they were delivered according to all our specifications. I only had to upload them.

Flahoo Website Developer

Logo redesign for your business

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