Our eBook design service, step by step

Here are the details on ordering our ebook design services, step by step.

The design options

You have two design options that will determine the price of our eBook design service: cover design and content formatting.

Cover design

You can choose between having a front cover only and two covers. Most people only want one cover for eBooks, but some authors prefer to have a second cover as well, to give the whole eBook an ending.

ebook cover design mockup - magazine

eBook cover design for the Applied Cognitive Psychology Center

Content formatting

We can either design just the cover, which you then attach to your content when you generate the eBook, or we can format the content as well.

Ebook content formatting means creating the table of contents, positioning the texts nicely, choosing beautiful fonts and setting up an appropriate layout that is consistent throughout the eBook. If you choose our content formatting service, please let us know approximately how many pages your eBook will have.


Mockup of layout and content formatting design

The extra options

There are a few additional services you can order with your eBook design.

Image search

The image to be used on the eBook cover will have a critical impact on the look and feel of the eBook. If you don’t have high quality images with the desired concept, we can find professional images for you.

Facebook Cover

In order to promote your eBook in social media, you may want to update your Facebook cover to advertise it. We can create an appealing Facebook cover image for your page, based on the eBook cover.


To promote your eBook on other websites, a mockup can be a cheap and helpful thing to have. Read more about how and when to use an eBook design mock-up to promote your eBook.


iPad and paperback mockup for Sonographer Society’s ebook

Kindle Format

This option only makes sense if you also order eBook formatting. The standard file format we deliver for an eBook design with content formatting is PDF. With this option selected, we’ll send you the eBook directly in the Kindle Format.


Kindle ebook mockup

Other additional services include the editable file of the eBook cover and additional revisions.

Personal offers

Our eBook cover design offer comes with a standard price and a standard volume of services (such as formats and number of revisions). Still, you may feel that you need something different. In that case, please contact us for a personal design offer. Also keep in mind that if you are working on a series of eBooks, we can find solutions to efficiently reduce the cost for you.

Order and payment

It is easy to order an eBook design from us. Simply add the service to the basket and check out. During checkout you will be asked to create a user account – this will give you access to your client account. You can pay with debit or credit cards.


The design and feedback process

At any time during the project you can speak to your account manager using our live chat or other contact options.

The process of eBook designs involves two actions from you: first you brief us and then you give us feedback to refine the design we create. In the eBook design brief you will be asked for all the information we need to know in order to design your eBook.

After you submit the brief we have a look at it. If anything is unclear, we ring you up or email you for more information. If the brief is clear, we get to work. Our ebook-dedicated designer will create your ebook cover and content layout and then we will upload the design to your client account. Here you can give us feedback on the design and we’ll then refine the design based on your feedback.


Our feedback tool allows you to pin comments anywhere on the design file

Completion of your order

Once you are satisfied with the design, you can approve it. We will then prepare the final design files for you, and upload them to your client account. All final design files are stored for future reference. You can come back anytime and easily find the files or order additional services to promote your eBook based on the design we have created.


Your files are easily available for download in your client area

Need to know more?

We like to think we have covered here all the answers to your questions regarding ebook design orders. If you’re unsure about any part of our process, please let us knowfor your peace of mind and for the improvement of this article. Contact us anytime using the live chat tool or other contact information. We’re happy to help!

Want to see an example? Read our case study on the ebook cover design and content formatting for a series of ebooks published by The Cognitive Psychology Center.

ebook-ipad-mockup copy