EBook cover design and content formatting – A case study

The Applied Cognitive Psychology Center has started a series of eBooks to publish an overview of its research programs. They wanted their eBooks to stand out not just in terms of content, but also in terms of design. We created the cover design for one eBook and we formatted the content to improve readability of the text.


Client: Applied Cognitive Psychology Center
Services: eBook cover design and content formatting
Design Delivery price: £44


eBook design cover

eBook design – iPad mock-up

The eBook design

The cover

The cover design is simple but striking. We have used an expressive image in high quality, featuring a human face. Tip: human faces are known to attract more attention than objects. The title is in large, simple type. Even when used as a thumbnail the eBook cover grabs attention and the title is still readable.


ebook cover design

eBook cover design

The other elements in the cover were kept minimalistic so as to not detract from the main design features. For highlighting labels with information such as the year and publisher, we used the yellow colour of the logo and its complementary colour. These colour accents give contrast to the composition and create a stronger impression.

The content

We have also formatted the content by applying readability guidelines to the content supplied by the client. The content is formatted in a simple style, as required by the client.

Because the eBook features academic work, its aim is not to persuade the reader. We formatted the content solely for making the text more readable and easy on the eyes.

Your eBook design

Writing an eBook is a considerable effort, and it will be judged by its cover. The best covers get more clicks from thumbnails lists and promote the book’s topic through a visually appealing design. With today’s generous offer of information sources, it is important to make sure that your work is presented in an attractive and credible manner. Our eBook design offer makes that affordable. Additionally, we can create mock-up designs of your eBook shown on iPad or other smart devices. Pictures with mock-ups are more efficient at promoting your eBook and they are clicked through more often than plain pictures.