Creating a logo design for the hotel business

The trends in the past 10 years changed the perspective on both management and marketing in the hospitality industry. Therefore, the demands of a brand hotel are more pretentious. A logo design for a hotel must be even more special than 10 years ago.

Client: Alpenoase, hotel
Services: Logo design branding
Design Delivery price: £108

The role of a hotel brand

The hospitality sector is formed on competition and little chances to be different. Customers tend to choose their lounging based on costs rather than other criteria. Controlling the top criteria that matter for them, such as availability and location is out of the question. Hotels need to generate as much income as they can from loyal clients and secure new ones, as well.

As if this was not enough, solutions as Airbnb create new competition and make reviews play a crucial role in the customers ‘choice. Therefore, the brand of a hotel must hold the full experience it can offer and present it in a coherent and persuasive way to the clients.

Hotel logo and the designer’s challenge

A designer must keep in mind the challenges of a hotel when creating the logo. There are plenty types of hotels that commit to a certain types of customers. At this point, the designer and the hotel must align their ideas. The hotel must be aware of the image it wants to display. The designer needs to understand that image.

Hotel logo Design Brief

This story begins with an Austrian hotel that commissioned us to design their logo. Our clients have bought a building, refurbished it and a new hotel was born.

The concept of the hotel drew on offering the travellers an experience in the Alps that is much more than just accommodation. The hotel offer grew with a Spa in hopes of attracting customers who want to relax deeply after a day of skiing or hiking in the mountains.

From the scope of the hotel, the name emerged naturally- Alpenoase. Though the name has an eastern ring to it, the owners made it clear in the logo design brief that Orientalism has nothing to do with their hotel. Therefore, the oriental theme should not be part of the corporate identity. Even more, they explained that they are aiming for a classical design that suits a clean and white ambiance. In order to help us understand their vision, they sent a few images of the hotel and a mood board.


Hotel logo Design Concept

From the beginning, we decided to create a shape that would work well in a black and white logo, because this would fit the overall theme of the hotel. After some research, we came to understand the choices potential customers had around the hotel’s location.

The location and the general idea of relaxation, rejuvenation and spending a carefree time gave us the idea to select a natural element, for example a flower as a symbol. A flower is useful in creating a symmetric shape that can give the logo stability and trust, two essential traits of a hotel brand.

The style of the flower in the logo works well with the design of the hotel and the interior design details. In addition, the design of the flower works well in 3D, such as engraved or embroidered.

flower sketch

Hotel logo and the typography

The logo for Alpenoase had to feature the name, but also the addendum “Spa Hotel”. This makes it clear that it offers more than just accommodation, right from the start. It also has the differentiating factor, an integral part of the hotel brand.

For the name, we have used a font with some classical features. Since it is a Sans Serif font, it makes it more modern and makes the brand of the new hotel fresher. Because the hotel is new, and new generally means good in this line of business, we did not want to use an outdated font. The shapes of the letters are somewhat peculiar, which adds distinction to the logo and the hotel. This is a fine detail but it complements the otherwise formal feeling of the logo.

For the addendum Spa Hotel, we have used a very simple font. Still, we have placed the words in such a way that it adds balance to the logo. The two lines that are above and below the main text give more elegance to the typography thus adding stability to the logo.

Some hotel brands gained distinction by using the type of lines above and below the text. By reusing this theme, we integrated this logo in the general style of hotel logos.

In addition, the colour palette used for this logo is a classic one, yet it expresses a clean and modern feel. For the font, we chose a dark grey colour that emphasizes on the formal identity of the hotel. We chose a warm, light colour for the background (for example, to be used on the website).

 Hotel logo design and its overall picture and feeling

We have created the logo design based on a mood board and images from the hotel. The client has used these visuals to let us know the design direction they were hoping to achieve. We have used the symbol of a flower and geometry to achieve the desired results. Combining these with appropriate typography and distributing the different elements in the logo according to proportionality principles, we have created a well-balanced logo design.

The logo design can also be used to extend the brand in a proper and nice way.

In stationery, the logo can be used with thick unfinished stock. Our designers have supplied the logo in vector format. This means the hotel can also embroider it on white towels to give the accessories in the room more distinction.

mockup bottles

In addition, they can use it on beige shampoo bottles or engrave it on wood at the reception. The geometry of the logo can be useful in creating wrought iron decorations in the lobby or outside the hotel.

The hotel logo is now a powerful tool against competition and a souvenir to remember for the customers. In the business world the logo provides a strong and modern identity that can be easily developed in the future as a powerful brand.

Simplicity usually has a greater impact. It is both elegant and classy, breaking the limits of time. Most simple product logo designs are also trickier because the smallest mistake ruins the beauty of the design. We met with another instance of classic beauty in the following case: Logo Design for beauty salon.

 Dare for a custom logo design

Small businesses need a powerful image to enter the market and stay there. By using our service of logo design, you can get a distinct logo at a fair price for your pockets. Shaping up your business ideas in a design brief and sending it to us you can get the design you look for so try our custom design logo, today.