Logo Design for Circle Cloud – Case Study

As an IT company owner you surely know what makes your company different from the others. People should know what that is! What they always remember and relate to are beautiful images, not words that make no sense to them. So why not get a logo to express your greatness?

Based on a couple of ideas and suggestions from our clients, we created a new logo for Circle Cloud. The logo must relate to the company and be eye catching so that the audience remembers it.

poza-1The client’s requests:

The client asked us to create a couple of designs so he had the possibility of choosing. We asked him to show us some other logos that he liked and that inspired him.

  • It needed to be simple
  • It needed to be 100% based on circles, no matter how many
  • It could have had a cloud in it (not mandatory)
  • It had to contain the name of the business: “Circle Cloud Ltd”

The two logo design concepts:

We created two versions of this logo and then let the client choose between them. Both of the versions created were formed of circles.

The formal concept: The first of the two concepts is based 100% on circles. The name of the company is placed on the right with simple, black characters. In the center of the logo there is a cloud which reminds the viewer of wires and cables, basically a network. The colours used are grey and black. These colours are formal and cold and give the logo a more professional look.poza 2

Draft of the formal concept design

The abstract and modern concept: The second concept is also the one our clients chose and was then further refined. Its shape was of a circle made of other smaller ones. The focus point of the logo is the text, placed in the middle of the circle and written with big, simple letters which draw attention and are easy to remember. This version of the logo is very colourful. All the small circles are of different, calm colours such as blue, green, yellow, pink and grey. The text was written in two shades of blue: a darker one for the word “circle” and a brighter one for the word “cloud”. The logo’s border was a grey, thin border which contoured the final, big circle.poza 5

Draft of the abstract and modern design

Logo revision:

Our client chose the abstract design and requested some further changes. This second version is formed from a light blue circle which is also the background for the text in the middle. The text is written in thick, simple characters and both words are written in white. The text is surrounded by small, white circles which together form a bigger one. This second version of the logo is simpler and resembles the whole idea of a cloud better. poza 6

Logo design preview

The meaning:

The logo’s blue background, which is also its’ main colour, resembles the sky, while the little white circles look like clouds. The client suggested the presence of a cloud in the logo, so our team created a metaphor for a sky full of clouds, using a more simple and futuristic way of showing it.

To put it all in a nutshell, what we did was create two very different types of logos for our client. He chose between them and then ultimately we refined the chosen one to make it exactly what he asked for. mockup

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