Invoice and form design

Invoice Design example for consulting company

The invoice design for this consulting company is part of a larger order where we have designed a desktop wallpaper, stationery and a presentation as well. The client requested an editable file format for the invoice design, so that they can use the design in Microsoft Word.

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Invoice Design example service company

The invoice is an important part of business stationery. Often users tend to overlook it in branding efforts. GB Partitions approached us to create an invoice design for them. As their invoice must feature special information for the client to understand what they pay for, they needed a custom invoice design.

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Form design example – healthcare industry

The Ultrasound Clinic of Harley Street welcomes hundreds of patients each year. All of them undergo a similar procedure which requires them to start by filling out a registration form. The Ultrasound Clinic is all about making the scan experience as pleasant as possible, so they have asked us to design a registration form that feels friendly and warm, rather than dull and unwelcoming.

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