Flyers, Posters, Brochures

Brochure Design for Karl Heinz Dietrich

Karl Heinz Dietrich Company is one of the major transport and logistic companies in Germany. Starting out as a small family business in 1946, today it is one the most important companies in the industry, managing to keep its family-owned characteristic.

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Folder design for retailers

This is a well-known and powerful non-profit organisation drew upon our services in order to design a folder. An important player in the Swiss market since 1968, they are the top employer of people with disabilities, offering training and residential places.

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Upsell flyer design

Our Client

The Nr. 1 clinic devoted to babies located on the historical Harley Street, BABYSCAN CLINIC hired us to create their new flyer design. BABYSCAN CLINIC offers innovative and ultrasound services for new parents and their babies.

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Flyer Design for Beauty Salon

We created this flyer design for a beauty salon in Essex. Our client has ordered a flyer to promote her services. 

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Flyer design for Rehab beauty salon

Rehab is a premium beauty salon in Essex. They have a unique brand identity and a fabulous interior design. The salon has ordered an A5 flyer to advertise their services locally.

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Case study: Flyer design for ecommerce website

Akkudo is a specialized online shop for electric power supplies. They sell a wide range of batteries and adapters for amateur and professional equipment. Recently they have made a deal with a baby & parents shop to cross promote their products. The company hired us to design the flyer for this campaign.

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