EBook design

Creative ideas to promote your ebook

Promoting an ebook by yourself can be a difficult task. Trying to gain recognition is seen as the main goal and having a good plan is challenging for sure. The most common questions entrepreneurs and independent authors have are related to marketing, promoting and selling their ebooks. Consider these practical and creative ideas for planning your ebook promotion campaign.

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Our eBook design service, step by step

Here are the details on ordering our ebook design services, step by step.

The design options

You have two design options that will determine the price of our eBook design service: cover design and content formatting.

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When and how to use an eBook cover mockup

As a British design agency we have a number of eBook cover design orders each month and a question we often get asked is: what is an eBook cover mockup? Here are the basics you should know about eBook cover mockups and how to promote your eBook using a design mockup.

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EBook cover design and content formatting – A case study

The Applied Cognitive Psychology Center has started a series of eBooks to publish an overview of its research programs. They wanted their eBooks to stand out not just in terms of content, but also in terms of design. We created the cover design for one eBook and we formatted the content to improve readability of the text.

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