Design case studies

Form design example – healthcare industry

The Ultrasound Clinic of Harley Street welcomes hundreds of patients each year. All of them undergo a similar procedure which requires them to start by filling out a registration form. The Ultrasound Clinic is all about making the scan experience as pleasant as possible, so they have asked us to design a registration form that feels friendly and warm, rather than dull and unwelcoming.

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Case Study: Logo redesign for real estate agent

Tanja Valentini is a real estate agent in Munich. In July 2013, the company faced a difficult challenge: its identity was well recognized in the market, but the logo design made an outdated impression. In order to expand online and offline, the company needed a fresh image, without losing the goodwill earned throughout the many years they have been in business.

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Logo and sticker design case study: 451 Unavailable website

Website logo design is a cool website about internet censorship, a project created by the Open Rights Group. Go check it out. We designed the logo, some of the website graphics and a sticker.

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Case study: Flyer design for ecommerce website

Akkudo is a specialized online shop for electric power supplies. They sell a wide range of batteries and adapters for amateur and professional equipment. Recently they have made a deal with a baby & parents shop to cross promote their products. The company hired us to design the flyer for this campaign.

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