Case Study: Logo redesign for real estate agent

Tanja Valentini is a real estate agent in Munich. In July 2013, the company faced a difficult challenge: its identity was well recognized in the market, but the logo design made an outdated impression. In order to expand online and offline, the company needed a fresh image, without losing the goodwill earned throughout the many years they have been in business.

Therefore, Tanja Valentini addressed us with the job to redesign the company logo in such a way as to keep most of the identity.
Logo redesign Tanja Valentini

Client: Tanja Valentini, real estate agent
Services: Logo redesign
Design Delivery price: £90

The logo redesign

In order to redesign the logo and keep the elements that made it iconic, we have analyzed the symbolism of the old logo. The logo looked dated, but the concept behind it was powerful and worth keeping. The pyramid makes a reference to excellence and to high ethical standards.


real estate old logo design

The old logo design

The objectives stated in the design brief were:

  • Create a logo design with a modern look.
  • Keep the current identity as much as possible.
  • Obtain a credible logo.
  • Use colours and shapes for web use of the logo.


logo redesign

The new logo, redesigned

While we have kept the pyramid and the lines, we have made the overall shape more slender and slick. We have changed the angle orientation of the lines. This made the reference to excellence more explicit and gave the logo a more pleasant visual rhythm.

We have also replaced the font with a more modern one, still a serif font. In terms of typography, we have remixed font sizes and alignments to balance out the compositions and to put the right emphasis on the company name.


logo design colours

Logo colours

Finally, we have adjusted the colours: we have kept red, but we changed the tone considerably. The darker tone gives the brand more credibility and it makes a reference to how the company has grown and matured over the years.


Thanks for your professional work. We are very satisfied with the remake of the logo.

Tobias Valentini


The business card design

The business cards have two sides: one features only the logo graphic in a minimalist corporate style, while the back details include the contact information.


Two sided business card design

Two-sided business card design

Due to the harmonic play of colours and the impactful shape of the logo, the business cards project the strong and trustworthy image of a contemporary company.

The value of logo redesign and professional business card design

By using our services you can get professional logo redesign and business card design from as little as £74. To determine the value, think about how many interactions your logo has across 3 years and the value of a purchase. Generally, an unattractive logo can decrease the conversion rate of a business by a few percentage points. This can be steeper in competitive markets. If 1% of your sales across three years is more than £400 and you think a different logo could help convert more sales, you should probably consider a logo redesign. See more reasons for changing your logo.