Case study: Flyer design for ecommerce website

Akkudo is a specialized online shop for electric power supplies. They sell a wide range of batteries and adapters for amateur and professional equipment. Recently they have made a deal with a baby & parents shop to cross promote their products. The company hired us to design the flyer for this campaign.


Client: Akkudo, ecommerce website
Services: Flyer design
Design Delivery price: £79


Two-sided flyer design

Two-sided flyer design, A5 format

The flyer design

The flyer has two sides and each of them is structured to meet a different objective. The front is meant to capture the attention with images and a voucher, featuring key marketing messages supplied by Akkudo.


Flyer design front

Front side of the flyer

We have selected the image to be relevant to the campaign and we have highlighted the voucher by using bright colours and simple shapes.


flyer design back

Back side of the flyer

The back side of the flyer builds trust and promotes three key products to give people visual cues on what the shop sells. The two trusted reviews and the Akkudo logo are arranged to form one visual block of information. This makes it easy for readers to associate the Akkudo brand with the trusted sources. We have also edited the images to optimize them for printing.

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