Brochure Design for Karl Heinz Dietrich

Karl Heinz Dietrich Company is one of the major transport and logistic companies in Germany. Starting out as a small family business in 1946, today it is one the most important companies in the industry, managing to keep its family-owned characteristic.

We have created a brochure for them, in which we explained exactly what they do and what makes them different. We kept the brochure’s design breezy and easy to read. We avoided putting unnecessary information or too much information on one page. We made the whole brochure match itself by giving it a blue shade on all pages. Also, we chose to put the photos on continuous page to create the effect of a whole. This design is innovative and makes the brochure less boring.poza2


The interior of a Karl Heinz Dietrich warehouse

We decided to put the information in the brochure in this order because this way it makes best sense. First we explained what the company is, so people know what they are reading about. Then we gave information about their past and how they manage to become what they are today. Further on we explained what they do in the present day. We then enumerated their services and gave credibility by showing their clients’ logos. We showed where their warehouses in Romania are, and then, last but not least we showed their international services.


  1. On the cover of the brochure we only put the company’s white logo on a navy background. This way the cover has a very clear focus point.
  2. Next, we selected an image of one of their warehouses, also edited in a blue shade, to match the cover.
  3. On the second page we chose a similar image as a background and put some text on it. The background for the text is a transparent white and the colour of the text is a dark blue and a lighter one. We chose not to add a lot of text to not load the reader with too much information all at one.
  4. Next we chose another picture of a warehouse taken from above as a background. We added a blue effect in it and put the company’s logo in the upper left corner. The picture only covers about a half of the page. We cut the image diagonally and chose a white background on the upper part of the page, where we also added some text.
  5. On the fourth page we chose a white background for the upper part of the page where we put the text. In the lower part we put the image of a warehouse seen from above, only this time we edited it to not look as if the image was cut. The text on this page is a little longer than on the other pages. Because of the white background which is much larger than the text, it does not look overloaded.
  6. On the next page we chose as background an image of the inside of a warehouse. This image shows a load of items, making it clear that they are a committed company whit a lot of clients. On the image we chose a transparent white background for the text. Underneath the text we put the logos of the company’s clients, in order to make it more credible.
  7. For the sixth page we chose a similar image for a background and the same background for the text. We also added some more logos of their clients.
  8. On the next page we chose to make the background very blurry to not draw the attention away from the centre piece. We added the shape of Romania’s map and showed where three of the warehouses are: Cluj-Napoca, Timisoara and Sibiu. On the upper left part of the page we put the drawing of a warehouse and underneath it we put the company’s logo.
  9. On the page following, we put the other two warehouses in Romania: Brasov and Bucharest. On the right side of the page we put a blue background covering a part of Romania’s map. On this background we put the text.
  10. The next page is entirely covered in two images showing two means of transporting that they use. The images are cut diagonally and stuck together. One of them is showing a line of ships and the other a big truck.
  11. The 10th page follows the same concept as the previous one, only this time it shows a truck and a plane. On this image we put a transparent, white background on which we put the text.
  12. The second cover uses the same shade of dark blue as the first one. On it we put the map of the world in shades of blue. Under it, on a background of lighter blue we put the general information about the company, such as: the official website, the president, the phone number, the fax number and the e-mail address.poza4

An inside of the brochure

The way all the images shown in the brochure continue on the next page and merge with others of the same kind, gives the whole concept a sense of continuity. We chose the colour blue and its shades for the whole brochure in order to give it the same mood, and look organized. This way it will be remembered and perceived as a whole. We used impressive images and combined them with simple text giving the essential to make a strong impression. We avoided overloading the pages with too much text and chose to make it breezy.poza3

The final product