Best Twitter campaigns for Saint Patrick’s Day

Looking for the best examples of St Patrick’s marketing campaigns? Learn from this week’s 10 most engaging tweets. Celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day by converting users into customers: promote your offer on Twitter and Facebook and engage with your audience.

Here are the best lessons to learn from these tweets:

Tease first

If you’re planning on announcing a limited offer, tweet a teaser statement first. This will attract attention and encourage your followers to check back for the offer. It’s the perfect strategy to maximize the audience reach for the actual offer.

Announce your limited offer

Exclusive offers or limited time offers create excitement and are more likely to convert. Start your announcement with the limited part first.

Send out follow-up tweets

Post reminders and follow-up announcements about your offer to maximize conversion. Don’t stop here: take the time to listen to your audience and reply to users who mention you or inquire about your offer.

Engage your audience

Think of ways to interact with your audience. Get them to share your message or to contribute. Engaging tweets are shareable tweets. If you’re organizing giveaways, avoid setting up too many entry steps. Make likes and shares optional, and ask instead for opinions and engagement.

Irish Root Magazine asked Irish people leaving abroad to send a video with a message for their close ones back home. Videos will be included in the publication’s coverage of the Saint Patrick’s Parade. So thoughtful!

Tourism Ireland created a web page that lets users customize their animated parade float for a chance to win a trip to Ireland.

Be useful

You don’t need an offer or a contest to engage with your audience. You can write useful articles or tweet relevant tips. Get your content out there and celebrate St Patrick’s day by posting DIYs, recipes, style tips or traveling tips.

Make your message clear and pretty

Use the hashtag StPatricksDay in your tweet and make a clear and attractive call-to-action statement to and grow your audience reach and maximize your conversion rate.

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