Beauty Salon logo design and rebranding

Sidonia Beauty is a premium beauty salon. The salon has been in operation for 15 years and it has grown from one entrepreneur to a team of 10 professionals – a beauty centre offering a wide range of services, from hairstyling to spa treatments, facials and makeup. In the summer of 2013, they doubled their space and hired an interior designer to completely redecorate the place.


The new interior design of the beauty salon

Pictures with the new interior were very appreciated on the salon’s Facebook page, where they actively engage with their customers. Their logo design, however, did not match the new image they tried to promote. The old brand identity needed to be recreated completely to show the excellent services they offer. We have recreated their identity by designing a new logo, business cards, letterhead design, Facebook design and loyalty card design with matching stamp design.

Client: Sidonia Beauty Salon
Services: Logo redesign, letterhead, Facebookbusiness card designs
Design Delivery price: £180

These were the main redesign objectives explained in the brief:

  • An elegant logo, matching the new interior design
  • Brown and beige colours to match the interior design
  • A simple shape that we can use in reverse colours as well

Redesigning the visual identity

The Sidonia Beauty logo redesign

The previous logo had been designed in 1998 by a freelance designer. The general look and feel of the logo reflected the fact that the salon had just been launched recently.
the old logo design

Before. The Salon’s old logo design.

We have created a new logo design based on the S shape of a swan, one of the most beautiful animals. We have also completely changed the colours to create the premium feel and to make the new identity consistent with the interior design colours. The logo is easily recognizable in reverse colours and in black and white as well, so it can be used on any background without compromise. The client went with this first proposal and did not want to change a thing about the new logo.
Logo redesign for beauty salon

After. The new logo design of the beauty salon is elegant and delicate

The new business card design

A separate business card design was created for the salon manager, the only official representative of the business. The client preferred a portrait orientation for her business card, as this was more symmetric than the landscape oriented version.
Business card design

 Double-sided business card design for the beauty salon Manager

Golden business card

A golden version of the business cards was created as well

This card is usually handed to business connections, so it needed to reflect the new identity and to keep a professional look. The rounded corners version was preferred, as it prevents tearing for a longer time.

The loyalty card

Every new customer used to receive a general business card of the salon, yet the manager had in plan to combine the new business card with a loyalty program for customers who get haircuts at the salon.
Loyalty business card

Double-sided business card designed to increase customer loyalty

This long-term offer needed to be promoted to all customers, along with the new identity of the salon, so we created a double-sided loyalty card. On the front, the main information needed for the customers is presented, emphasizing the new identity. On the back side, the loyalty card has dedicated spaces for stamping every time the customer gets a haircut at the salon. A custom file was prepared for the stamp.

The loyalty card would ideally be kept in a wallet for more than a year, so we increased the length of use by doubling the loyalty stamp spaces on the back. Because the value of holding on to this card has now increased, prevention from tearing and damage was important. We chose a credit-card size that fits in any standard wallet and we picked a heavy card stock for printing and a rounded corners shape to increase the cards’ durability.

Stationery design

The golden version was preferred for the stationery design. We have created a simple black and white letterhead design, a simple folder design with the logo in gold, and branded envelopes.
stationery design

Stationery design in black and gold

The cost of rebranding your business

There’s really more to rebranding than changing your logo design, business cards and stationery. But the redesign of the visual identity is a core step and deserves professional crafting. You can get a professional rebranding package with logo redesign, new business card designs, letterhead design and email signature design for as little as £99.

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